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Das Gleitgel Einmaleins mit Dr. Elesha

Lube 101 with Dr. Elesha

Lubricants. Most of us have heard of them, and we should ALL be using them! But knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. Especially because it does not help that society has associated lubricant with “failure”. The stigma prevails: We only have to use lubes because someone can’t make themselves or someone else wet enough. This is simply not the case! Lubricants are an excellent intimate wellness tool that can be used in all forms of solo- and partnered-sex. Lubricants can increase sensations, aid relaxation, protect delicate skin from trauma and are essential in areas which don’t self-lubricate. 

Here is a quick guide to lubes:

Water-based lubricants: 

Water based gels are the most versatile of lubricants. They are thin and slippery, making them ideal during all kinds of sex. They are safe to use with all types of condoms (latex and non-latex) and can even be used with sex toys. The composition of the gel means they do not leave marks and can easily be washed off all surfaces, so no staining your favourite sheets! What is great about water-based gels is that they are gentle formulas which can be highly moisturising, especially in the vagina. However, you may find that you need to use more gel than you think, as it can be quickly absorbed. So be prepared to keep topping up. 

Silicone-based lubricants: 

Silicone-based intimate gels are a thicker alternative which lasts for longer, so less reapplications are needed. It is great for those with sensitive skin and people who are prone to thrush infections, as it creates a barrier from trauma. The thick formula also makes it ideal for anal sex, as it is incredibly slick. If you enjoy bath or shower sex, silicone gels are perfect as it adds that wanted boost to lubrication but does not wash away. The nevernot gel is safe to be used with latex condoms, but please be aware that not all brands are, so always double check. The most important thing to know about silicone gels is that they should not be used with silicone sex toys. They gradually breakdown the silicone, causing micro abrasions which create a great environment for bacteria, and will eventually lead the toy unsafe for use. 

CBD containing lubricants: 

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This means it is known to have all the relaxing, pain-relieving benefits without getting you high. There is very limited hard research on CBD lube yet, but there is overwhelming colloquial evidence for its use. Many people find they have heightened sensation and better orgasms using CBD lube. This is because CBD is thought to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and aid muscle relaxation, which makes it fantastic for use in people who experience pain during intercourse. This could be anything from vaginismus to period pains to arthritis. The increased blood flow can aid natural wetness paired with the lubricant, making you feel more aroused and receptive to sexual touch. This means it can be helpful in those using medications such as anti-histamines and SSRIs. 

Here's the ultimate CBD lube guide: Everything you always wanted to know about the miracle substance.

nevernot Intimate Gels:

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the development of nevernot Intimate Gels, so now you can say your lube is Doctor-approved! We are focussing on developing the better lubricant, the lube 2.0, the “Intimate Gel”. We want people to know what they are putting on (and in) their body and why they are using it, which has led to the birth of the ‘F*cking Good’ Intimate gels. Not only are they great for your body but help the planet with their vegan formulas and recycled packaging. All of our gels are dermatologist-tested and pH balanced, meaning they are ideal for those with sensitive skin.

You can always test lubricants on the skin of your wrist or inner elbow before you apply them to your genitals. Gels can be used on any body part, but if you plan on using them for penetrative sex, you can place some around the entrance to the vagina or anus. You can use a small amount of lubes inside a condom prior to applying it to reduce friction for the wearer. If you add a small drop to the “semen reservoir” (the small bubble at the top), it can make for a much more pleasurable experience. 

Remember, lubricants and intimate gels are designed to enhance your sensuality. They help create and alter sensations, leading to a deepening of pleasure experienced. Why deny yourself all that fun?


Dr Elesha x 

Dr. Elesha Vooght
Elesha is a doctor and a total professional. She gives us insights into sex and periods. If anyone knows, it's her!

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