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5 Gründe, warum wir Tigergras lieben

5 reasons we love tiger grass

What is tiger grass and where does it come from?

From Ayurvedic medicine to the latest huge skincare trend from Korea, tiger grass is the medicinal plant you should definitely have on your radar. Tiger grass, cica (Centella Asica), or pennywort are the most common terms of the plant. It grows mainly in tropical regions such as America, Africa and Asia. Tiger grass has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries because it improves wound healing. The plant has only recently arrived in Europe and thus in our bathrooms and toiletry bags - namely as an additive to your favorite beauty products, in oils, creams, shampoos or treatments.

Tip: If the term tiger grass is not prominently advertised on the product, you can also search for the chemical name of the medicinal plant in the ingredients: madecassoside, asiaticoside, centelloside or asiatic acid.


Reason 1: Tiger grass has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

The substance asiaticoside present in tiger grass acts against fungi and bacteria and can therefore specifically counteract inflammation.

Reason 2: Tiger grass improves wound healing and helps to prevent scars.

The medicinal plant creates a balance in our skin cells. Tiger grass not only helps to heal wounds, but also to prevent the formation of scars, scales or calluses.

Reason 3: Tiger grass is great for sore and burned skin

With its anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect, tiger grass is great for abrasions, frictions or (sun)burned skin.

Reason 4: Tiger grass promotes blood circulation and strengthens the veins

Not only does tiger grass strengthen the veins, it also dilates them. This promotes blood circulation and stimulates the self-healing powers of your skin.

Reason 5: Tiger grass stimulates collagen production

The plant is particularly popular for regenerating the skin. Tiger grass makes pale complexions shine and fills in wrinkles.

The nevernot Smoothie – Anti-Chafing Gel with tiger grass

As a medicinal plant, tiger grass has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects: perfect properties for an anti-chafing gel! The nevernot Anti-Chafing Gel forms a thin protective layer on your skin to protect you from friction and irritation - whether your thighs rub against each other in summer, your bra leaves painful marks or you experience chafing during sports. In addition to tiger grass, the nevernot smoothie contains vitamin E for increased resistance of the skin and jojoba oil for an extra portion of care and protection. The product was produced with a Berlin natural cosmetics manufacturer and is therefore 100% natural - we even found a natural silicone substitute! Vegan and organic. Good for you and the environment.

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