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Pressemitteilung: Sie sind endlich da - die neuartigen Soft-Tampons von nevernot

Press release: They are finally here - the innovative soft tampons from nevernot

According to the motto "Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate," nevernot is the first soft tampon company to address not only women, but all people who menstruate.

Due to the unique wearing comfort and the lack of a withdrawal string, soft tampons can make the period (products) unnoticeable.

    In society, however, the exact opposite must happen: the reduction in the so-called tampon tax, new literature and various menstrual start-ups have set the ball rolling for breaking taboos in recent years. As a company, nevernotTM is committed to supporting this movement with all its might, just like the founders Anna Kössel and Katharina Trebitsch.

    The advantages of soft tampons have long been known to professional sports and the sex industry. In both sectors, people work whose profession is directly related to their periods. Soft tampons have long been a niche product, nevernotTM finally wants to change that.

    The nevernotTM soft tampon has a so far unique shape that was specially developed to make removal as easy as possible for the customer. The menstrual sponges that were previously available have hardly changed in shape since the 1970s and have not been adapted to the needs of menstruating women.

    There is little education about the product and its use. nevernotTM will introduce Soft-Tampons to its customers through charming edutainment.

    Each pack of six tampons comes with two different stickers. nevernotTM soft tampons are available from €6.90.

    "Tampons are still bashfully passed under the table. We think that's wrong. Menstruation is nothing embarrassing, you shouldn't feel like you have to hide it. Just as little as the nevernotTM soft tampons. The packaging of the product is reminiscent of sweets and should be fun - no matter where it is, the main thing is that it is not hidden." Kevin Liebigt, designer and art director of nevernotTM.

    nevernotTM soft tampons are ideal for sex, spa and sports.

    At nevernotTM we live by the maxim 'Do what you want.' , and that's exactly what this is all about. Anything is possible, nothing has to be.
    The period is nothing unclean, it shouldn't be shameful. But not everyone feels like changing the bed linen after a fun night out. Many people are bothered by the blue retrieval strap, on the beach or in the swimming pool, but not all.

    "It's like a tag hanging out of my t-shirt. It's annoying, but bothers me more than others." says Anna Kössel, co-founder of nevernotTM. "Menstruating women in particular with transsexual or non-binary gender identity often want to notice as little as possible about their period. They show them pads or tampons every time they go to the bathroom - it's different with the use of soft tampons."

    The nevernotTM launch campaign was photographed by Christoph Varga. "We are very proud and infinitely grateful that we were able to convince Christoph to work with us. The same goes for our friends who are our campaign faces. They are all heavy menstruators and illustrate the use cases for our product. Almost all of them are among the testers and have been part of our foundation from the very beginning. They represent our idea of ​​a diverse society, without traditional roles and gender concepts.“ So Katharina Trebitsch, co-founder

    About nevernot:

    nevernotTM GmbH was founded in January 2019 by Anna Kössel (including KPMG, XU, Invisible Hand Ventures, Bitfury Surround) and Katharina Trebitsch (including Glossybox, Eventinc, Yeay, Bitfury Surround). Kevin Liebigt is also on board as a designer & art director (including Katzenberger, ZDF, yeay, tellonym). All three have worked together successfully in the past and are passionate about the new task of getting soft tampons out of the niche market and joining the period movement.

    "The menstruation comes despite the pandemic, we have taken that as an example and will not let Corona get us down. We are a strong trio, the tasks in the company are clearly divided according to skills and interests.
    I am in charge of finance, operations and product development. Katha takes care of marketing communication, business development and sales. As a designer & art director, Kevin gives everything the unmistakable nevernotTM attitude.” according to Anna Kössel.

    Company contact:

    Katharina Trebitsch



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