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The Bloody Truth - ask Steffi

The Bloody Truth - ask Steffi

"I'm Steffi, surprise! I don't have a period. A period or other functions that your body can't control doesn't make you more or less a woman! Your body, your ability, your choice! What makes me special as a woman it's just me and my vision!"

Steffi is 28 years old, Viennese, make-up artist. The focus of her work as an activist is on LGBTQAI+ rights!

We are more than grateful that Steffi was the first to answer our questions for the nevernot format "The Bloody Truth".
How do you deal with your gender transformation towards new (sexual) partners?
I address that directly. The resulting reactions show me very quickly how people deal with it and whether this person could suit me or not.

What kind of reactions do you get when you come out?
People behave very differently. I have to say that people are very curious. There are a lot of questions. When I have answered one, the next ones come straight away.

What does menstruation mean to you personally?
Periods are a huge symbol of reproduction. It also shows what our body is capable of without our intervention. Much more needs to be said about the subject!

When did you decide you wanted to have a gender reassignment surgery?
I've known about it since I was a kid, loved the process but only started at the age of 18 so that I am independent and more self-sufficient.

Do you want to have children?
I think having and raising children is beautiful. I probably have the right values ​​for it too. But at the moment I can't imagine that for myself.

How did you experience your own puberty?
Puberty was very difficult, I think that's the case for a lot of trans people who change from male to female. During this time, the body develops masculine features, which is not nice for any trans woman.

How did your family react to you being born in the wrong body?
My mother was the biggest concern. She was afraid that I will have a harder time than other people because I am a trans woman.

How do you deal with hate? Online and offline?
Expose! Expose! Expose! I expose everyone on my social media channels, publish messages and confront people about it. I want people to finally understand that hate is wrong.

How has your environment changed since the transformation?
It's very different than it was before. But that not only has to do with the fact that I transformed, but also that I moved to another country. I got busy with other things and got to know new people.

Are you in a relationship?
I am in a happy, joyful, healthy relationship with my 69 personalities.

You are an activist! What do you wish for the future?
I wish that people all over the world feel freedom and peace. We need respect for diversity and differences. All people should be celebrated!

The interview is a transcript of our IGTV format.

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