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Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop – Capricorn Season

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope - Capricorn Season

Capricorns are a part of the earth signs. Ergo: They are down-to-earth and loyal. Ambition makes them work on career goals. An unshakable calm brings them closer to their desire for stability and security in a relationship. Looking for a reliable, tidy and punctual companion? Here you go, Capricorn might be your dream match. They are 100 per cent provider-types with absolutely purposeful solidity in bed. One-night stands don't meet your expectations. This season is about serious trust to really enjoy sex. Capricorns also don't find it easy to let go of control in bed, so their reputation as dominant precedes them. Open-minded towards new sex practices and techniques, Capricorns like to measure their successes. Should these fail to materialize, they will take another direction. 

In this time, trust is based on spontaneity or diversity. I wish you all a quiet, intimate, highly erotic Christmas time (on the 25th of December, a sensationally sizzling aspect of the planets Pluto and Venus await us: mmmmh...) and an equally smooth start into the coming year. 


Until then, best regards from the magical island of Ibiza!

Your Cosmic ID



It feels like you have everything you need and more. This enthusiasm makes you move trees. 'Stick to the trees': even though your hunger is extremely strong this month, eating is best done at home. By January 22, your ruler planet Mars may tempt you into overconfidence and self-indulgence - which gives singles sexy wings and engaged people the opportunity to embark on whole new practices in eroticism. Provided that this ego push is used CORRECTLY.


Venus, the love planet, stands in Capricorn. However, it is running backwards, which could mean that you will deal with loves from the past. It's also possible that an ex-flirt will suddenly show up on your doorstep again. Sex with the ex is nice, but: Is he a Bolognese, which only really develops its flavour when warmed up, or was he a crunchy salad, which the next day (soaked in dressing from the day before) lies sad and wilted in bed... ehm, on the plate?


No wonder you feel drained - at your pace. Where is the time for Eros? Don't turn your everyday life into your prison, allow yourself a little bit more freedom this season, especially for the libidinous moments. Follow your Mars, which is sensational in Sagittarius, and do something. Go out, try new things, meet people and get involved with the unknown. Because the unknown holds the most wicked surprises, as we all know.


This will be an exciting start to the new year. Venus, our planet of love, is located directly opposite your sign. This is a very promising constellation if you are ready to be open to people who are different from you. If you can follow this attraction, exciting hours are waiting for you. You won't be able to get enough of your partner and singles can be sure to meet someone who extremely excites them, but confuses them just as much. 


The big love high of the year 2022 is still to come. A great time to deal with your hidden desires. You don't necessarily have to look for them on your own. A counterpart can bring sizzling suggestions and ideas. In any case, you don't have time for something ‘normal’. If it doesn't crackle, pop and smack, it's time to next him or her.


Lucky you, if you are in a relationship. The relationship can be deepened and, in these cold days, eroticized. For the singles, Venus retrograde stands in the way. This month, the search for something solid is fruitless, rather focus on short-term pleasure. The stars are excellent to maximize your pleasure, on every level. In other words: Be open to something kinky and new. 


The beginning of the year is starting slowly in terms of eroticism. This is a time in which you can enjoy yourself with great pleasure. Do you know how to please yourself? From mid-January onwards, you approach the gender that appeals to you in such a straightforward manner that you are amazed by yourself. This offensive nature naturally results in unexpected adventures which promise highly erotic hours. 


For you, what counts at the moment are relationships, friendships and partnerships with a common past. 'No New Friends' could be your motto of the month. True to the Capricorn Season, you take a cautious approach: You feel attracted to strong authorities who tell you what to do. In other words, a Mr. Grey is exactly what you're longing for. Do you already have him or her in your repertoire of exes? If not, use the end of the year to quickly find him, so you can share some hot hours in January.

Sagittarius: GENTLE BABY

You have a loooot of lust, passion, sensuality and endless desire in you but you feel difficulties to realize these? Mars, which moves through your sign, is responsible for your difficulties. Try to use the power it gives to you purposefully, without overstraining others. With thoughtful, delicate moves, you're guaranteed to soft-boil your counterpart for all your crazy ideas that drive you this season. 

Capricorn: LEVEL UP  

For you, Venus, which is making it so incredibly difficult for most zodiac signs right now, is ringing in a glorious time. Wow. Your sex life transforms with or without your help into a new unimagined dimension. It's your season, sister. Believe it or not. For singles as well as engaged people, promising, hot encounters are just around the corner. All you have to do is unlock them. 

Aquarius: KISS NO FROG

Around Christmas time and throughout January, Mars and Saturn gift you a juicy loving atmosphere. Your dates are sweet, your counterpart is charming and sensitive. What more could you want? Prepare yourself for a sensational start into the new year, kissed by Eros.


Love is in the air. Venus, standing for love, embraces your Pisces sign. This means, even in real life, this gesture will not take much longer. But be prepared, it will certainly not stay at one hug. For relationships that have fallen asleep, this means new fire and for singles, the prospect of hot experiences with someone who is definitely up for round two. 

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