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Dirty anal sex? This is a legitimate fear that many of us have. But a clean and well-groomed booty not only makes for more fun and relaxation in bed, it's also good for your health.

Are you just starting your 🍑-Love adventure? Then add a toy from Fun Factory ;)

Silicone-based lubricant:
· Does not absorb - perfect for anal intercourse
· Cruelty-free, organic, and vegan
· Dermatologically tested
· Grease-free, colorless, odorless
· Tube and packaging made from recycled materials

Anal douche:
· Suitable for beginners
· Easy to insert
· Easy to clean
· Perfect capacity
· High-quality materials

ProctyClean® intimate care set:
· Gently and effectively cleans and cares
· Helps where problems arise and not just superficially like toilet paper
· Reduces inflammation, irritation, and pain through targeted hygiene
· Rapid improvement in well-being after a few applications

STUDIO569 Beauty Bag:
The exclusive STUDIO569 Beauty Bag in high-quality design provides space for all products intended for selected glances.

Proper cleaning and care prevent inflammation, irritation, and pain in the anal area.

So that means, whether you're into 🍑-Love or not, with our Booty Spa you're really doing something good for yourself, your health, and your butt.

We've put together our best products for you in a set, so you're always on the safe side.

nevernot Anal shower:

ProctyClean Intimate Care-Set:
Stift - Medical plastic

Only the best for your Booty

Care, Cleaning and Fun

Our Booty Spa begins with gentle cleansing: ProctyClean's Intimate Care-Set effectively cleans and relieves pain, itching and irritation of the buttocks. For optimal preparation for clean 🍑-Love or solo fun is thenevernot Anal shower perfect for beginners. Our silicone-based nevernot Fucking Good lubricant, specially developed for anal intercourse, is non-absorbent and yet easy to wash off. So steht langen Sessions nichts mehr im Weg. The set is completed with the exclusive STUDIO569 Beauty Bag for hygienic and discreet storage.

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