Das Gleitgel Einmaleins mit Dr. Elesha

Lubricants. Most of us have heard of them, and we should all be using them! But taking the first step can seem overwhelming β€” especially since it doesn't help that using lube is often equated with "failure" in society. The stigma persists: we only use lube because we can't get ourselves or anyone else wet enough. This is of course a misleading and dangerous assumption. Lubricant is great for increasing your intimate well-being in all forms of solo and partnered sex. Lube can increase sensation, promote relaxation, protect your sensitive skin from injury and, in areas that don't self-lubricate, is essential!

Everything you need to know about lubes:

Water-based lubes:

Water-based gels are the most versatile personal lubricants. They are ideal for all types of sex, they are suitable for all types of condoms (latex and non-latex) and can be used with sex toys. Water-based lubes stain-free and easily wash off all surfaces - no more stains on your favorite linens! The great thing about water-based gels is that they're great for sensitive skin, as they can be extra moisturizing - especially when used inside the vagina. However, water-based gel absorbs quite quickly, so you may need a little more than you thought. So be prepared to keep refilling.

Silicone-based lubes:

Silicone-based gels are a thicker alternative that last longer and therefore need to be refilled less often. The gels are great for people with sensitive skin and people prone to fungal infections. Silicone forms a super barrier against genital trauma. The thick formula works great for anal sex as it's incredibly slippery. If you like having sex in the bath or in the shower, you can use silicone-based lubricant: It is super slippery, but is not washed away. Nevernot Intimate Oil is suitable for use with latex condoms, but please note that this does not apply to all brands, so always check if your lube can be used in combination with condoms. The most important thing to know about silicone gels is that they should not be used with silicone sex toys. The silicone in the lube will gradually decompose the silicone in the toy and

causes micro abrasions that create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, eventually rendering the toy unusable.

CBD-infused lube:

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This means that it has all the relaxing and pain-relieving effects of cannabis without getting you high. There is very little solid research on CBD lubes to date, but overwhelming feedback. Many people find that they experience increased sensation and orgasms with CBD lube. That's because CBD is believed to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote muscle relaxation for everything from vaginismus to period pain to arthritis. The increased blood circulation in connection with the lubricating gel can increase the natural moisture. You feel more aroused and receptive to sexual touch. It may be helpful when taking medications such as antihistamines and SSRIs.

Here's the ultimate CBD lube guide: Everything you always wanted to know about the miracle cure.

You can always test the gels on the skin of your wrist or the inside of the elbow before applying to the genitals. Lubes can be used on any part of the body - for penetrative sex, just a little around the entrance of the vagina or place of the anus. You can also put a small amount of lube in a condom to reduce friction for the wearer. Putting a small drop in the "sperm reservoir" (the little bubble at the top) can make for a much more pleasurable experience.

The nevernot intimate gels

I was able to be part of the development of the nevernot intimate gels: So your lubricant was developed by a doctor and approved! We didn't want to develop a classic lubricant, but something better: The Lube 2.0, or the "Intimate Gel". You should know what you put on (and in) your body and above all why. The result was the "F*cking Good" Intimate Gels. They are not only effective, but also vegan, fairly produced in Europe, animal-free and organic! All our gels are dermatologically tested and have an adjusted pH value, so they are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Find out more here about the nevernot intimate gels.

Remember that lubes and intimate gels are there to enhance your sensuality. They can lead to a deepening of the pleasure experienced. So why deny yourself this fun?


Dr. Elesha x

Dr. Elesha Vooght
Elesha is a doctor and a total professional. She gives us insights into sex and periods. If anyone knows, it's her!