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Welcome to Scorpio Season. It's the scariest, sexiest and most controversial time of the year. Scorpios are intense, mysterious, emotional, and extremely erotic creatures that feel no shyness. If you've ever dated one or are one yourself, you know there's nothing easy going around Scorpio. He'll rip you to pieces or resign and never be seen again if you make him feel like he's not 100% safe around you. On the other hand, you can hardly have a more loyal 'Fun Friend' if you prove yourself trustworthy with them. Typically, with all their darkness, Scorpio is an absolute bomb in bed. Ready for November? For the next four weeks we will all be able to enjoy his poison.

Some say sex is rebellion against death. Nobody knows this better than Scorpio. If, like so many people, you are riddled with shame or embarrassment around sex, this is the perfect time to work your way through your most intimate desires. This season, and all around the year, remember that sex is an expression of love. This certainly doesn't mean that you should fall in love with every person you become intimate with, but try to take sex and sexuality seriously. Sure, it is and remains fun, the most beautiful thing in the world, but it is also the purest form of celebrating life, the acceptance of lust and pleasure - it is so much, but never something to be ashamed of. In the name of rebirth, try something new sexually this month, something that excites you deeply, alone or with someone you trust. We are looking forward to your report!

Xx, your Cosmic ID


Candlelight and warm tea are the perfect warm-up for the tenderness that awaits you this month. Be ready for deep emotions, even if that's not really your thing. Scorpio season says if it's not 'truly, madly, deeply', keep your clothes on. Of course, teasing and seduction are not excluded. Only the actual act wants to be considered sacred and performed by the Scorpio.

Taurus: LEVEL UP
This month you have the opportunity to develop your intimate relationship either with yourself or with yours: taking your partner to another level. Open conversations are particularly easy right now. Go into yourself: What do you really feel like doing, what have you always wanted to try? Erotic massages, special lingerie, new positions, toys, same-sex experiences, swingers, or BDSM - the possibilities are not taboo. Speak up and do! 'The time is now.'

Not only success awaits you, love also wants to embed you in November. If you're single, go out and meet people. Give love and eroticism the chance to meet you. But be sure to use birth control for one-night stands, this month is the perfect time to conceive. If you are in a happy stable relationship, you can of course use this information in other ways. One thing is certain: the Gemini has hot nights ahead.

Cuddle up comfortably on the sofa and give yourself what your body longs for? Sounds tempting, but you can still do it in December. This month the motto is: OUT! Saturn and Venus want you to move and do something for your 'pleasure'.Singles go for a spin in the neighborhood and couples move closer together when it gets uncomfortable outside

lion: KEEP IT UP
ATTENTION! boredom danger! If you're not careful, boredom will creep into your relationship (with yourself). 'Keep up the heat' and think of something completely new at the end of the year. Maybe a hot roleplay? How about a blind date organized by friends, or rather a new super hot toy that gets you excited? You don't need partners for toys either.

Time for Family. This month is not so much about gaining pleasure, but more about serious discussions with your family or your partner. Honest, meaningful conversations can bring new depth to such connections. Use your time this month to invest in your relationships to reap the rewards in December. There are hot hours full of 'pleasure' waiting for you again.

The single scale has good prospects for erotic adventures. Falling in love is not possible this month. But it doesn't always have to be. Sometimes the extremely free, casual is a lot more fun, isn't it? In order to be able to let yourself and your imagination run free, anonymity is sometimes even beneficial. Nevertheless, the reminder: no matter how non-binding your encounter may be, the sexual act wants to be celebrated sacredly by Scorpio. In a committed relationship, there may be an unstable period with annoying arguments ahead. Just don't open it when someone knocks.

The fire is burning. In the first half of November, the stars are aligned so that you can easily find someone for intimate, hot, deeply erotic nights. But be careful, choose wisely or you might burn your fingers. Scorpio's committed relationship blooms as beautifully this month as the crocus blooms in spring. 'Very high chance of getting pregnant here.' So be careful, despite all unbridled desire.

Target hit. Please just sit back and enjoy this month. Bring the romance into your bedroom with candlelight and soft tunes. As a single you have the chance at the beginning of November for pleasurable, profound tenderness, then wrap up and give yourself what your body longs for. Pure 'pleasure' in November for shooters. Have you thought about what you want so much?

Capricorn: DAREDEVIL
Cheers to this month. Please be a little braver than usual. A new color on the wall, an unusual accessory or even a wicked toy. Treat yourself before your physical and mental health starts to drop a bit from November 20th. Use the time to look at yourself, your body and your preferences from a different perspective and don't deny yourself anything, no matter how absurd it may seem at first. You are a goddess through and through. 'Treat yourself'.

Emotional control is a big issue for Aquarians in November. Be careful what you say to others. Take time out, rest and try to prevent exhaustion. Pamper yourself with a long relaxing bath ‘and give yourself some good, good loving’.Find the passion in you again, then you don't need your environment as a lightning rod, but you can use it for even more 'pleasure time' if you feel like it

Long-lasting harmony in a relationship is an absolute illusion. Also in the relationship to yourself. An eternal 'up and down'. This month it's time to prove your love to yourself. Own your feelings no matter what direction they take. Listen to yourself and just give yourself what is really good for you in November. Both physically and mentally. What could get your 'body' going - in this dark mystical time of year?

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