Im Interview mit Giada von BERLINABLE

Hi Giada, before we start BERLINABLE, tell us something about yourself. Did you dream of becoming an entrepreneur as a child?

In a way, yes. Even as a child, freedom was always my greatest goal. And what better way to be free than to become an entrepreneur?

You're not a Berliner - where are you from?

Of course I'm from Berlin! But yes, I'm from Italy, where my whole family still lives.

I moved here when I was just 20, living my early years with punkers in a squat, enjoying the nightlife, and getting inspired by the subculture. And of course I kept my head above water with the gastro.

How does a life artist become an entrepreneur?

Quite simply: by turning a passion into a profession.

What exactly is your passion?

Art. Love. And sex.

Sex is the most intimate thing a person can have. And only when I get to the sex and love level of a person, see their deeper needs, only then do I really know a person.

Imagine if everyone had such a deep interest in other people, then our society would be more open, tolerant and free!

What exactly is BERLINABLE?

BERLINABLE is a publisher and community for erotic literature.

We founded BERLINABLE two years ago and since then we have produced more than 400 stories - as eBooks and audio.

Who are your authors?

We work with over 150 authors from five continents.

The special thing about our project is that we don't focus on the market, but on the authentic content of stories and what they can do for society.

I'll give you an example:

We just skyped a writer from Malawi. She has written a poetry collection about a young African woman discovering and living out her sexuality.

No publisher in Africa is willing to publish your story and I know that no publisher here in Europe is willing to publish this story either. Unless the author would "sell" her face for it.

We will publish this story without asking ourselves whether we will make a profit from it or not, because we are convinced that only through literature and stories from real people can things be done to make our society a better place to live.

What is special about BERLINABLE?

The special thing about BERLINABLE are the people who make this project possible:

The authors, but also the artists of our incredible art covers: 70 creative people from all over the world who finally have the freedom to present their art uncensored.

Our books are unique, we don't make McDonald's assembly line products.

What do you wish for yourself and your publisher?

1. That the writers and photographers we work with receive the artistic respect they deserve.

2. I wish the public would realize how important the topic of sexuality is and that we all need to delve deeper into sex education.

3. Great collaborators, like you.

4. The Nobel Peace Prize.

nevernot Sex! Period. Box

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