Pressemitteilung: Sie sind endlich da - die neuartigen Soft-Tampons von nevernot

In line with the statement "Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate.", nevernotTM develops menstrual products that keep not only women but everyone who menstruates in mind.
Due to their unique wearing comfort and non-existing removal strings, soft tampons let periods go unnoticed.

Socially speaking, however, we want to achieve quite the opposite! As a result of the VAT reduction on period products, menstruation has moved to the center of media coverage. As founders of nevernotTM, Anna Kössel and Katharina Trebitsch commit to supporting this movement with all their force.

The advantages of soft tampons have been known to professional athletes and sex workers for decades. In both areas, people’s performance and ability to work are strongly affected by their period. nevernotTM, now, aims to make soft tampons available for all people who menstruate.

The nevernotTM soft tampon comes in a unique shape, especially developed to make its removal as easy as possible. Other available menstrual sponges haven’t evolved much since the seventies and have therefore not been adapted to consumers’ needs.

In the past, attempts to inform about the products and their usage have only been made half-heartedly. In contrast to that, nevernotTM draws customers’ attention to the topic by means of fun and provocative, yet confidence-inspiring, edutainment.

Each six-pack of soft tampons comes with two different stickers and is available at prices starting from 6,90€.

"Tampons are still being passed on prudishly under the table. We consider this as wrong. Menstruation is nothing embarrassing, one shouldn't have to feel the need to hide it. The same holds true for nevernotTM soft tampons. The packaging resembles a bag of sweets and should evoke feelings of joy - no matter where you keep your bag, most importantly you shouldn't hide it." Kevin Liebigt, Designer & Art Director at nevernotTM.

nevernotTM soft tampons can ideally be used during sex, spa, and exercise.

At nevernotTM we follow the slogan “Do what you want”. This is what our brand and products are about. Anything goes.
Menstruation isn’t unhygienic; hence, no one should be ashamed of it. Nonetheless, most of us aren’t too keen on having to change our bedsheets after period sex. Also, many are irritated by tampon strings showing from their bathing suit.

“Tampon strings are comparable to a tag hanging out from your t-shirt - it's annoying but will usually irritate you more than others.” Anna Kössel, Co-Founder of nevernotTM says. “Especially, people with transsexual or non-binary gender identities mostly don’t want to be reminded of their period. With every visit to the bathroom, tampon strings and pads remind them of the fact that they were born in the wrong body. Here, soft tampons are really game-changing.”

The nevernotTM launch campaign was photographed by Christoph Varga. “We are incredibly proud and thankful to have Christoph support us in developing and shooting our campaign. The same applies to our friends who have become the faces of our campaign. They all are strong individuals and visualise the use cases of our product. Most of them belong to our group of product testers and have been part of the founding process from the very start. Further, they represent our idea of a diverse society without old-fashioned role models and gender identities”, Katharina Trebitsch, Co-Founder, says.

About nevernotTM:

nevernotTM was founded by Anna Kössel (formerly KPMG, XU, Invisible Hand Ventures, Bitfury Surround) and Katharina Trebitsch (formerly Glossybox, Eventinc, Yeay, Bitfury Surround) in January 2020. Kevin Liebigt (formerly Katzenberger, ZDF, yeay, tellonym) is also part of the founding team and holds the role as Designer and Art Director. The team of three has already successfully worked together in previous projects. They are fully committed to their goal of taking soft tampons out of the niche market and of becoming a part of the worldwide movement to free periods from their taboo.

"Menstruation won't be stopped by a pandemic. The same applies to nevernotTM. We are a strong team, and our responsibilities are clearly divided by skills and interests. I take care of finance, operations, and product development while Katha is in charge of communication, business development, and sales. As our designer and art director, Kevin provides our brand with the unique nevernotTM attitude", Anna Kössel says.

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Katharina Trebitsch