Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop – Fische Season

The last character of the 'Zodiac' circle is 'ON'. The fish are assigned to the element of water, which symbolizes the emotional world. In other words, it gets emotional – maybe even romantic. People who have their sun in Pisces act intuitively and have extreme empathy, they can always rely on their gut feeling and are characterized by their enormous willingness to help. Pisces should therefore be careful not to be exploited. Conflicts are not her thing because they require a lot of harmony.

Like Pisces, the coming weeks are ideal for all things creative, dreamy and idealistic. From March onwards, self-discipline will be the order of the day again. Until then, the Pisces energy represents seduction.

The best way to catch a fish is to take a deep, intense look. ‘Next step’: A date with movement, because standing still is a step backwards for Pisces. Going for a walk in the romantic sunset or strolling around at the vernissage, a small flower as a gift gives extra points.

Affairs with a fish are like a relaxing wellness vacation. Tranquillo, emotionally intense and relaxed, one is satisfied with the beautiful things in life.

They live out the water element by preferring sex in the bathtub, whirlpool, shower and co. slippery. Candlelight and massages with the oil from nevernot's scented candles are an absolute winner.

One thing's for sure, Pisces don't like rough sex. They need partners who are able to be considerate of their emotional moods. Both mentally and physically. The massages mentioned above do not necessarily have to lead to an act. Pisces need 'freedom', they want to decide for themselves what goes where and when. They sensitively perceive the needs of their partners and fulfill them with a lot of passion and imagination. A foot massage would fit as a thank you, wouldn't it? The Pisces-born love that just as much as tender kisses on the neck (erogenous zone of the Fishies). A few soft words whispered in the ear and the head cinema runs at full speed. Need more? Then blindfold your eyes and rely entirely on your senses. Sexy fragrances and hot tunes are an absolute must for the most romantic of all zodiac signs. Et voilà, you create an extended foreplay - the ideal prelude to everything else.

I wish you a passionate and profound Pisces time.

‘Don’t forget’: It’s about imaginative seduction. Sex is not just sex this month, we "live" it with skin and hair.

With this in mind, I wish you four creative and 'pleasing' Pisces weeks.

Your Cosmic ID, greetings from the magical island of Ibiza

From March 6th, Mars and Venus, the lovers among the planets, will move into a lucky position for all fiery Aries-born. You are being 'supported' with 'positive, loving energy' from the universe. In any case, follow your desire to spend a lot of intensive time with your lovers this month. You can get to know each other on a whole new level, both physically and mentally. 'Ready for some imaginative seduction?' If you're single, chances are this Pisces phase will sensationally meet someone who touches you 'deep down'.

Taurus: (EX)CHANGE
This month existing Taurus relationships will be put to the test. Intact ones will survive, weak ones unfortunately not.But they're not worth the effort anyway. The coming season, 'Sexwise' stands for gentle seduction, imaginative foreplay and creative ideas that push the act into new undreamt-of spheres. Whether you want to live it out with your 'good old lover' or with a spring flirt 'is up to you'. Any direction is possible, you just have to make one decision.

Even before the sparkling spring starts tickling us all on March 21st, you have your first Pisces season lover on your hook. A particularly ‘hot’ date is March 16th for you – FULLMOON time. Plan a sexy date here with someone who is already undressing you with their eyes. You decide together how creative and emotional it will be. In front of you is a particularly intense meeting with the chance for new erotic levels. ‘Get ready for some new deeeeeep experiences’.

Mars and Venus, our two love planets, are in Aquarius and that means 'cute little Cancerbabe' for you: Friendship: Yes. True Love: Complicated. But that says nothing about options for passion and 'pleasure'. It's time for creativity 'between the sheets', then it won't be boring. Hot imaginative hours full of erotic highlights are waiting for you if you are ready to engage in a light affair. Not everything always has to be something solid, right?

Wow, your sign Leo is right across from Venus and Mars. What that means? Well, imagine looking love and passion straight in the eye. In other words: All you have to do is grab it, 'the universe holds it all for you' this season. Gentle touches at the right moment can catapult you into other erotic spheres. Gentle massages are a good idea as long as we float in the Pisces energy - as a prelude to intense pleasurable flights of fancy.

'Lucky Virgo!' Our lucky planet Jupiter nestles gently against you, true to the Pisces energy. Use this gentle touch and use it on your counterpart - with the option of ecstatic orgasms. Whoever accompanies this planetary constellation has no more reason for complaints. Come into your own power and create an erotic atmosphere, with devotion to the desires of your partner. If you look closely, you will definitely feel what your counterpart is longing for. If the 'needs' are met by both parties, the pleasure is doubled.

At the beginning of March, Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius and gives you a wonderful lightness. Flights like a helium balloon included. Danger! Lightness is not to be confused with superficiality. In the Pisces phase, you succeed in getting into the depths of your erogenous desires and not only into yours, but also into those of your counterpart. You can imaginatively experience new erotic adventures together.

Scorpio: DIRTY TALK  
For all forgiven Scorpios, this time brings the task of familiar listening and physical presence. Because just talking won't get enough of the Scorpio. Hot ear whispering makes for a great promising foreplay, but after that it needs to move on. The cosmos provides passionate and profound hours for two if you approach it purposefully. How about a 'dirty story' that you send to your loved ones in advance via WhatsApp as a treat, with the request to transfer this directly into reality.

Sagittarius: SEDUCE ME
The sweet lovebirds Venus and Mars smile tenderly at all Sagittarius babes. It gives you a seductive charm. The art of gentle seduction lies hidden in the sign Pisces (current phase). That fits perfectly, so this month be aware that nobody can resist your gaze. No matter what card you play, you will reach sexual climax. But this one will be less fiery than you are used to. Better prepare yourself for tender romance. There's something about that too, doesn't it

Ai ai ai ai, towards March there could be one or two crises between you and your lovers. The solution is to listen carefully. ‘But did you know?’ Even a dispute can be elegantly turned into dirty talk. If that doesn't work, there's still the alternative of make-up sex to vent all the pent-up anger. Who says “no” to that?

Your start into the new year could hardly be better. Ahead of you lies a squeaky lively, radiant, amorous month of March full of promising 'sexy hours'. Be ready for erotic creativity at the right moment and let your 'hidden' imagination run free. Everything that's a little crazy and out of the norm is allowed this month. Important: Nothing hurts in the Pisces energy! The coming weeks will be SOFT before the ram approaches...

Until March 6th, the universe invites you to take care of the most beautiful thing in the world. Dive into unforeseen 'needs' and desires. Try everything that has always excited you. 'Your time is now'. Have you ever tried ‘Soft Self-Love’? Instead of penetrating yourself with a pounding battery-powered plastic device, explore the depths of possibilities from feathers, hands to yoni eggs. And don't forget the most important ingredient: time.

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