Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop Sagittarius Season

Welcome to Sagittarius Season: From 23rd of November to the 21st of December, Sagittarius shoots its Eros arrows across all signs of the zodiac circle. At the same time, the dark and cool Christmas weeks are quite contrary to the nature of Sagittarius. For he is much, but by no means sluggish or gloomy. On the contrary, it is said that he brings the light into these particularly dark months. And so he also enlightens us with a thirst for action in every direction.

We arrive in the season of the sign with the 'biggest sex drive' of all the zodiac signs. The freedom-loving and spirited Sagittarians like to be on tour a lot. Be it pub nights, traveling or even in love and sex life – constantly searching for new experiences. This energy supports us with the chance of unexpected love adventures in December. Obviously, this is not the time of fidelity, but of thrill and excitement. It is about stimulating imaginative hours.

Because Sagittarius-born people value variety so much, we should approach this subject openly during this time. His favorite form of relationship is self-explanatory the affair. Not necessarily because of the possibility of changing sex partners, but more because of the independence that an affair brings. Exuberant and carefree hours want to be experienced. Full of fantasy and carefree 'joie de vivre' – this is of course also possible within a monogamous relationship. Everything but boredom or monotony. So dear readers, make your next four weeks eventful, plan time to try out new things, and to maximize your pleasure. Sagittarius lets us all fly into other spheres if we give it the chance. Have a good trip!

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This month you have a tremendous urge to learn. You need and want new knowledge at the end of the year. Ever thought about feeding your thirst with erotic knowledge? An easy and relaxed start could be the new season of 'Goop Lab' by Gwyneth Paltrow. Here you have the opportunity to explore many new topics and then filter out what you want to explore more – with partner or solo. How about unusual sexual practices, a new 'toolbox' or a journey to find out which energetic sex type you are.

Taurus: LET GO
The universe wants you to face your fears in these last weeks of the year. Doesn't sound sexy? Wrong conclusion! In general, this is quite a wonderful task, which ideally will also have an effect on your sex life. More self-love leads to a new sense of self-worth, and the higher it is, the more exuberant you can let Sagittarius' energy rule – prepare for orgasms that will make you quiver in December.

Your focus should be on your relationship these weeks, the eclipse on December 14 brings the possibility of a new beginning. According to the Sagittarius-time, this means: Discuss what erotic things you always wanted to try. Where are hidden desires, what have you never experienced together? It's dark outside, take the time to revive your relationship. For singles, this is THE time to keep your eyes open. The stars are aligned for a new love affair that promises a few sexy hours.

Passion is important for all Cancers this December. Coupled with a sensational gift for communication, you can use this to finally address what your body has been craving for so long. Grant yourself these erotic adventures that are sleeping inside of you. Whether with your partner or alone, it is time for something new, not yet experienced. You can let go of everything old and boring during these weeks.

Throughout 2021, the leo had to wait for romance. And now it comes in concentrated form. Not necessarily in the form of an interpersonal relationship, but perhaps simply with yourself. These last days of the year will definitely be intensive. Be proud of yourself and do good for yourself. No one knows how to pleasure you, as well you do. Make yourself comfortable at home, light a candle, and pamper yourself not only with hot wax on your bare skin.

Higher, faster, further? Not this month. You long for stability. Instead of always lusting after something new, Virgo's job now is to find what's special and deep in what's present right now. This is exactly where you need to rediscover the tingling, which will send your body into ultimate states of pleasure. Boredom overboard! Look closely and find the answer to all your physical desires in the constant.

Creativity is knocking on your door this month. Not only job-wise, but especially in matters of eroticism. The calling to try out lustful new things and orgasm-oriented experiences can no longer be ignored due to Sagittarius' energy. Let your thoughts, ideas, and visions run wild. Perhaps your sex partner feels blindsided by all this lust, so choose a gentle way to share your sexy thoughts with him or her. A highly erotic end of the year is guaranteed.

Recovered from all the birthday bashing? After celebrating your solar return with friends, you now get the chance to get to know yourself on a new level. Take your time to rediscover yourself, your desires and your body at the beginning of your freshly started year of life. Of course, this excludes neither sexy toys nor partners who are willing to learn. The time is now.

Sagittarius: LOVE ME TENDER
Target hit. This month, please just sit back and enjoy a lot. Bring romance into your bedroom - with candlelight and soft tunes. If you're single, you'll have a chance for pleasurable, deep tenderness from the outside in early December, then curl up and give yourself what your body craves. Pleasure pure in November for all Sagittarius-born. Already thought about what you're in the mood for?

Happy Birthday you wild thing. This is your month, use it right. Do only what feels right and good for you. True to your motto 'no limits', you should renounce any kind of conventional taboos. Someone can't resist your urge for erotic experiments or even tries to restrict you? NEXT! The last weeks of the year you do not need to compromise. Be young, be wild and be free!

Capricorn: KINKY MINKY
For you, the end of the year is about recognizing and reordering your priorities. Are you a taker or a giver? Do you like it soft and soulful or is there a bit of kinkyness in you, capricorn babe? Whatever it may be, use this dark season to filter, in order to be able to start your upcoming new year of life in an orderly way. And if you're not quite sure, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

To reach your full potential, you should be open to new people this season. There are promising things to experience in foreign countries. Don't be afraid of the unknown! True to Sagittarius energy, leave boredom behind and venture out into new erotic waters. All that awaits you are sensual adventures.

The year is coming to an end and you should now put your focus on yourself, sort out your external and internal world and don't deny yourself any more desire. What are you waiting for? The best thing to do is to start pampering yourself today. If that works well, move on and give someone out there a chance to do the same for you. Of course, it's always a give and take, but no one doubts that you know how to give.

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