Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop – Stier Season

It's Taurus Season and that means, it's time for some good good lovin'.

Spring is evolving steadily and getting closer to summer. The plants begin to bear fruit, and they represent enjoyment. The wild, bold spring feelings are slowly fading away and a quieter, more contemplative time begins, which offers plenty of room for enjoyment, romance and good music.

It's the season of the raging bull. But the astrological horn type is not that wild.

Taurus are deeply romantic and extremely, almost exceptionally, loyal. They are concerned with harmony and a beautiful home where everyone feels comfortable - excellent host qualities MUST be mentioned at this point. Taurus likes to share the ability to enjoy with their strictly chosen environment.

As important as the good life is to the bull, it is just as important for him to share it with the right partner.

Sexually, Taurus is straightforward and down-to-earth. Instead of rambling and fantasizing, rather ‘straight to business’. If you want to win a Taurus, try a special playlist. 'Music is their love language'. These babes work on sensuality. Hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and, as is well known, the eye also eats. What are the horned animals looking for?

Peace, enjoyment and safety. Because of this, their pleasure from fast, meaningless sex is zero. They want to enjoy 'pleasure time' with all their senses. A date could start with a relaxed dinner, for example, and of course a glass of champagne should not be missing to toast the following evening. Bulls want to be seduced 'slowly', the pleasure must not be lost. And then maybe you can sip the next champagne from the 'Bellybutton'.

In that sense,

get that bottle poppin'


Isi Dekeysers Lieblingsprodukt: Die nevernot Duft- und Massagekerzen


‘(Sexytimewise) this is gonna be YOUR MONTH!’ Venus, the planet of love, beauty and intimacy, moves into your sign on May 3rd. It will be attractive, magical and above all hot, hot, hot. Are you ready for a 'shaking spring flirt'? If not: 'Better get ready, baby', because in the last week of May Mars comes into your sign, then the sensuality joins the wild, uninhibited, rather masculine lust of the planet of struggle.


First of all: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAURUS CHICK'. This month it's all eyes on you, you glow you shine, you sparkle. Feel and enjoy your 'juiciness to the fullest'. Intimacy begins with 'Selflove'. How much time can you spend with yourself? How much 'sensitive love' do you give yourself? Start with 40 minutes of ‘Self-Love: Touching, squeezing, gently rubbing your own body. But mind the genitals'. Treat yourself to a sensual journey with no focus on orgasm.


Jupiter, the planet of happiness and expansion, gives you the best feeling in the world this month: being in love. Keep your eyes peeled for the prince charming or the 'princessa', even if it's not for eternity. Now it's more about the moment. ‘Enjoy the feeling. You're head over heals' – sexy bed crackles included.


The crabs of the world are feeling more like retiring to their shells this month and not coming out until all that spring fever nonsense stops 'So be it'. Whatever you feel like doing this month, do it. In the withdrawn little room you have the most time and leisure for a bit of 'self-love' anyway.


ATTENTION! One of your hottest months in 2022: hot with yourself, hot with your partner, hot with flirts, hot with strangers. No matter what 'relationship status' you are in, happiness will find you and shower you with ecstatic encounters 'between the sheets'.


‘The Planet of Love’, the divine Venus, relaxes a little about you Virgos this month. 'Energy Shift!' That's why you can attack professionally now, like no other month this year. 'The time is now, the time is here.' We'll do 'Lovey-dovey' again from the end of May. Now your boss babe mode is on. 'The Universe got your back.'

Scales: B*I*G

Love is BIG this month. Cosmically, nothing stands in the way of love this month. Existing partnerships are gifted with an erotic fire, and you singles are thrown the 'sexy adventures' in your way - watch out, do everything, but don't stumble! A harmless ‘pleasure ride’ can quickly lead to complications.


Oof, 'Mars is shining on you, this season'. This means that all relationships that are exposed to physical distance, for example, shine this month and are offered expansion opportunities in 'any sexy direction' - as is rarely the case. Anything too close is annoying and kills the lust vibe. The scorpions need air to breathe.


'Saggitarius, you really are on FIRE!' The cosmos supports you with options upon options for highly erotic adventures. Of course, this puts ‘long-term’ relationships to the test. If you can say "no" with so much energy burning...we'll see. And if the unfamiliar tempts you too much, rest assured, it's worth it!


'Not the easiest month.' You've made great progress over the past few months, which of course has increased your expectations. This sometimes makes it difficult for you to engage in any headless flirtations. But maybe that would be good for you. 'Quit the mind, and just go with the body.' He deserves it.


'Big Girl Venus' adopts a cosmic stance that will get your hormones tickling. ‘What a feeling.’ Go after it, try everything, be free, be brave, leave shame at home. This month you have sensational chances of orgasmic highs and erotic lows. 'Go for it'. Not only you, but everything you encounter this month will benefit from your openness.


The stars and planets definitely promise a good portion of eroticism and 'excitement' for the Pisces born this month. The desire is awakened and the passion pulls along. Venus has withdrawn a bit, so it's not easy to 'satisfy' you at the moment. 'Cosmic' tip: Take everything playfully, that gives lightness.

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