Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop – Widder Season

Happy Astrological New Year, dear Sextrology fans,

With the beginning of spring we start the Zodiac Circle again. If you have been accompanied by hibernation-like states over the past few weeks, then all of this was correct. We needed this calm, the introspection, to be able to discard everything old that is no longer useful with a clear conscience and leave it in the old year. In order to be able to start with full vigour, true to the energy of Aries. Just like nature, which is now breaking out of the depths of the earth in full force – facing up to wind, cold and weather. Let the crocuses do the same, which we see standing so bravely on every corner: fearless, regardless of the weather conditions surrounding it, the delicate crocus fights its way outside to finally show winter the flag in the most beautiful shades of purple and white. The spring comes. And this energy comes with Aries in all our plans. Aries is, appropriately, a fire sign and spreads the same under all of our bottoms.

The vibe is currently spirited, full of movement and renewal. Aries want to fight. You want to fight for something. Make yourself a challenge, but beware! Don't make it too complicated. Because if you are too easy to get hold of, he lacks the challenge, if it drags on too long, he loses interest. Just the right amount! Believe me, finding the right balance is worth it, because with an Aries you can experience EVERYTHING. They just enjoy sex!

They find it easy to show perseverance as long as there is a brilliantly explosive moment at the end. They are passionate, sensual, they know what they want and how to get what they want. Only partners at eye level are eligible. Quiet, tame little mice - not wanted. Dynamic, they like to show their dominance but are never disrespectful. Aries are capable of pampering their counterparts from head to toe. At the top of this month is VARIETY!!! Then comes openness to new things and honesty in terms of expressing unfulfilled wishes and needs in bed. Everything new comes in March!

On that note, speed up, 'break the winter' and let's form a #CROCUS ARMY!


Greetings from the magical island of Ibiza

Isi Dekeysers absolute favourite: nevernot Duft- und Massagekerze


The first week of April 'holds all the magic for you, babe' - and that's no April Fool's joke! Best of all: This week benefits all Aries people who live in a partnership (It feels like you just fell in love) and for those who are currently moving around the house solo (highest chance to meet that very special someone). So: be quick, get ready. Waxing again? Get your appointment and get ready for some new excitement coming your way, birthday baby.

Taurus: GET UP

Aries energy hits you hard: Gone are the days of sitting around, all bulls: OUT! Outside you run straight into your happiness. Because Jupiter meets Venus: That's your big chance. Full of vigor and zest for action 'between the sheets' - that can only get incredibly hot, dirty and ecstatic. Be open and let yourself go, then the indescribable will happen to you.


Wow, basically all the stars are behind you in the first half of April. This not only makes you extremely self-confident, but also damn attractive to others. 'Imperfections' aren't real anyway. That's the vibe.With this attitude, everything is open to you this season when it comes to pleasure. The passionate Aries takes you on his journey.


'Be ready for some excitement' from April 6th - really detached it will be from April 15th. Aries' utterly headless, purely passionately driven devotion is sweeping through Cancer natives this month. That means not always saying 'no' just because you don't know. A little cosmic tip: a soft leather handcuff seems odd at first glance, but it can bring new dimensions to your sex life. Start easy, enjoy the ride.


There is one thing that both Aries and Leo are really good at! To flirt! And what is a Leo doing in the Aries energy? Exactly, he goes stalking. Your charisma matches Queen B's this month. Own it, show the world how fabulous you are. And from an erotic point of view, you can take EVERYTHING you feel like at the moment. Aries doesn't think about others, they do what they feel like doing!


Virgins get cosmic support this month when it comes to ultimate pleasure. For all Virgos in a partnership, this means: build in enough time for togetherness to spend it with crazy sex toys and 'energetic lovemaking'. All 'lonely soldiers' can be prepared this month not to be so alone, at least 'in between the sheets'. Be open, be ready.


On April 6, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces, where Jupiter and Neptune are already waiting for her. This is a New Year's constellation for love life. Erotic adventures, including ecstatic highlights, are on the cosmic buffet. Now all you have to do is access the delicate scales. Dare to try something different this season than you usually do. It will be worth it.


You have to wait until April 6th for the universe to open its doors to the love paradise for you. You, 'Scorpio Babe', haven't experienced so much sensual passion for a long time. Your Venus is even getting ready for a possible relationship. So it's worth patiently sitting out the initial lull, because afterwards a very special treat might be waiting for you.

Archer: N*O*W

You will find this Aries season that you are even more successful than usual. Aries and Saggitarius are the BFFs of the Zodiac and bring you an extra dose of fire. Say it's getting hot. No sensual massages are on the menu this month, but rather a two-day sex marathon. Higher, bigger, further. The time is now!


No matter what you want, no matter who you want. This month you have the energy no one can say no to. You work, you smell, you taste more from every pore. Play with this attribute and make it your own. Seduce your 'secret' crush like it's in the book. High black stockings, red soles, lingerie, an erotic tune. Make yourself even hotter - with a striptease. It's the season, babe.


Sex does not always have to end with a climax. Who understands this better than a zodiac sign so intent on the new and improved as Aquarius? This month is all about action, speed, frequency. pioneer spirit. It's time to try something new, wild, crazy.What have you always dreamed of? No matter what it is: ‘be honest’ and if it doesn’t end in an orgasm… so what? You will definitely have had fun, the stars promise


Have a good start into the new year? Now you take off at a rapid pace, the universe serves you everything that is energetically strong and fast. cuddle sex? Can you forget this month The vibrator with the turbo gear could make you happy. Find out for yourself what 'pleased' you these weeks. The main thing is that it has action.

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