Der afghanische Frauenverein: BELIEVE in Charity

At the beginning of March we let you decide which aid organization we should donate to. You have proposed and voted on various organizations and associations. The result is the Afghan women's association. Since March 8th, 10 euros of every BELIEVE candle sold has been donated to the non-profit organization. You can read what the Afghan women's association is doing here:

In winter it is minus 20 degrees, in summer up to 40. The living conditions are not easy even without the Taliban. Food prices have risen by 70 percent since the terrorist group took over Afghanistan. At the same time, there is hardly any cash flow to Afghanistan, many people are not getting a salary and have lost their jobs because the state is broke. 12 million people are affected by famine. Clinics have been closed, girls are no longer allowed to go to school and men have to grow beards.

Afghanischer Frauenverein

The humanitarian aid organization Afghan Women's Association has been working on reconstruction and peace in Afghanistan since 1992. Women and children are given targeted support. The focus of the organization is on education, medical care, emergency aid and drinking water supply - the guideline is clear:

Enable help for self-help. The Afghan Women's Association enables children to attend schools and women to learn a trade. The association has built over 700 wells, giving 140,000 people access to clean drinking water. In addition, four schools have been built so far, a training center set up, a literacy project carried out, an emergency health care station established and two health centers built. In March, the Afghan Women's Association was able to report that it was able to open the doors of a mother-child clinic in Akakhel.

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