nevernot Soft Tampons - XXL Pack (48 pieces)

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Save 30% with our XXL Pack. 48 soft tampons for a more comfortable period. #nevernot

Tampon strings are comparable to a tag hanging out from your t-shirt - it's annoying but will usually irritate you more than others.

You want to...
...not feel your period product at all?
...not have to change your sheets after sex or put a towel underneath?
...get a Brazilian waxing?
...enjoy your vacation without a tampon string distracting from your beach look?
...relax at a spa or sauna in order to get rid of period cramps?

All of that and more is possible with nevernot soft tampons. #dowhatyouwant

The nevernot soft tampon features a completely new shape which we have uniquely developed to make them easier to handle and remove than any menstrual sponge ever before.
nevernot soft tampons are made from a particularly soft and flexible foam, guaranteeing a highly comfortable fit while the soft tampon perfectly adapts to your body's every movement. This helps to protect against leakage in any situation. Also, nevernot soft tampons come without a withdrawal string and can easily be removed using your fingers.

For further information about the advantages and usage of nevernot soft tampons, please refer to our FAQs.