nevernot Uterus Necklace

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Having balls is so 2020 - having uterus is now!

Originally, we had been given this necklace as a present when founding nevernot and it later became a part of our first photo campaign.

Having received so many of your messages, we realised we are not the only fans of this powerful piece of jewellery.

We went on the hunt and here it is. Get one for yourself and one for your favourite supernova boss bitch!

Aus unserer Community
Nevernot Soft-Tampons sind einfach nur genial für Tänzer*innen und Menschen, die gerade während ihrer Periode super horny sind.
— Anja, 23
Habe bisher noch nie eine Menstruationstasse gefunden, die mir passt. Bin super dankbar, dass ich endlich nevernot entdeckt habe!
— Seville, 31
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