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"Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate." nevernot aims to develop menstrual products keeping in mind not only women but all people who menstruate.

Even though nevernot soft tampons make your period invisible, socially speaking, we want to achieve the opposite. We speak out loud, openly talk about menstruation and, together with many others, want to end the taboo. nevernot is lucky enough to follow a path that has already been paved by other women and period startups. As founders of nevernot, we commit to joining this movement and to working towards a more free and equal society.

"Tampons are still prudishly being passed on under the table. We consider this as wrong. Menstruation is nothing embarrassing, one shouldn't have to feel the need to hide it. The same holds true for nevernot soft tampons. The packaging resembles a bag of sweets and should evoke feelings of joy - no matter where you keep your bag, most importantly you shouldn't hide it." Kevin Liebigt, Designer & Art Director at nevernot.
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We are incredibly proud and thankful to have Christoph Varga support us in developing and shooting our campaign. The same applies to our friends who have become the faces of our campaign. They all are strong individuals and visualise the use cases of our product. Most of them belong to our group of product testers and have been part of the founding process from the very start. Further, they represent our idea of a diverse society without old-fashioned role models and gender identities. We are more than thankful for all the support and encouragement we have experienced throughout the last months, also from the @nevernot_official Instagram Community." Katharina Trebitsch, Co-Founder
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"Menstruation won't be stopped by a pandemic and the same goes for nevernot. We are a strong team, and our responsibilities are clearly divided by skills and interests. I take care of finance, operations and product development while Katha is in charge of communication, business development and sales. As our designer and art director, Kevin provides our brand with the unique nevernot attitude." Anna Kössel, Co-Founder.
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