I’m today’s reminder: YOU’RE HOT!

You deserve only the best! Listen to yourself: What do you need – Me-Time, S**, Relaxation? Whatever it will be, you will find it inside of me. Fun for two, groups or just yourself!
Treat yourself, like the royal you are! Because you have been especially naughty, because (self-)love is for everyone, because you are insanely hot, and because you are damn worth it!

Duft: Tuberose + Oud

Scented Massage Candles

Unsere love Kerze setzt auf aphrodisierenden Geruch, wärmende Berührungen und gute Stimmung – mit Tuberose und Adlerholz. Benutze mich als Duftkerze, für die Körperpflege und für sinnliche Massagen. Ob allein oder mit Partner:in.

Really GOOD

Silikonbasiertes Gleitgel

87% organic, vegan & fair.
Our relationship runs particularly smoothly: Suitable for use with soft tampons and / or latex condoms. Apply as much gel as you like directly to the desired body parts. Alternatively, you can first put the gel in your palms or fingers and then apply it to the desired body part. Now you are ready to go.

Our moisturizing lubricants are suitable for daily use and counteract dryness in the intimate area.

Your decision

nevernot bath ball

Which do you choose?
Sustainable foam for your bathtub and super relaxing moments. Pink swirl with aphrodisiac scents and natural origin.

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