Scented & massage candles

The candles stand for the highest quality in the usual nevernot manner: They were made by first-class perfumers in Grasse, France, the "cosmopolitan city of perfume". The oils contained contain nourishing and moisture-binding substances that are suitable for skin care and have an antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effect.

• without a shiny layer of oil
• soothing, relaxing and erotic fragrances
• not tested on animals
• reusable glasses
• recycled outer packaging


Perfect for me-time and self-care

Once the wax has melted and cooled slightly, it can be used as a body oil for skin care and as an ideal addition to a relaxing or stimulating massage. Whether the warming touch is for you alone or shared with someone, the nevernot scented and massage candles can deeply relax you or charge you erotic.

Our variants

such a good feeling


The 'Relax' candle with 'Exhale the Bullshit' inscription smells of lavender and vanilla - it brings calm and harmony into your everyday life.



Bring the scent of tonka and ambergris into your home with the 'Believe' candle. The inscription gives it away: “My Body, My Mind, My Power” – a candle for more focus and relaxation.



The 'Life Happens, Orgasms Help' version is themed 'Love' and is a natural aphrodisiac. Tuberose and agarwood provide erotic vibes.

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