months of product development

our mission

"At the end of 2020 we started with nevernot. In the last few months we have developed our Intimate Gels . We make the same demands on our products that we make on the beauty industry - just like our customers.”

Anna & Katha, founders

from recycled packaging material

Organic, vegan and sustainable.

I am so happy that I was able to test the products during development. Great effect and good for me and the environment. πŸ’₯πŸ™
— Laura, 32
We love your products. Thank you nevernot. ❀️
— Deniz & Lisa

The all-rounders

Our new moisturizing Intimate Gels are suitable for daily use and counteract vaginal dryness.

Finally feel good

nevernot lubes

Soothing moisture for your intimate area.
Excellent for dry intimate areas.

β€’ blue - water-based lubricating gel
β€’ pink - silicone-based lubricating gel
β€’ green - lube

intimate care

They can do something!

Lactic acid, urea, allantoin & co.

It's not just enough to bring products onto the market that don't harm our body or the environment, they really have to do something can - with optimal pH value. For vaginal dryness.

Real expertise

Dr. Elesha Vooght

During product development, we worked closely with London-based medical doctor Dr. Elesha Vooght to guarantee maximum results. Thus, each of the three Intimate Gels is specialized for different needs. In total, the collection includes three different products.

such a good feeling


Apply as much gel as you want directly to the desired areas of the body. Alternatively, you can first put the gel in your palms or fingers and then apply it to the desired body part.

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