Du bist während deiner Periode super horny, aber deine Tage nerven dich?

Pleasure & Periode?

With nevernot softtampons you can have sexual intercourse without you or your partners noticing.

• No more dirty sheets
• Suitable for oral intercourse
• Total well-being and ease of use
• Easier to remove than conventional softtampons
• 100% free from harmful substances, made in Germany

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Meine Periode geht fünf Tage, die von meiner Freundin sechs - ich bin so froh, dass wir Softtampons entdeckt haben.
— Jana, Berlin
Customer reviews
I love soft tampons, it's an absolute gamechanger for intercourse! But also in everyday life.
— Clara, Hamburg

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No problem – with the nevernot softtampon

Sex und Periode?

"We developed nevernot softtampons to make your period easier. Over 70% of all menstruators have never heard of softtampons. That has to change!"
- Katharina & Anna, nevernot founders


Periode und Geschlechtsverkehr liegen nah beieinander, wir haben die Box für absolutes Wohlbefinden für beides entwickelt. #LimitedEdition


Will my partner feel the nevernot softtampon during sex?

If the softtampon is placed correctly (i.e. it is deep enough in front of the cervix), most partners don't even notice it (the comment of our gynecologist: "Most men don't feel softtampons until you tell them about them"). The sponge is very soft and flexible, and after a very short time it has taken on your body temperature. Our tip: Since softtampons can also absorb some of the normal vaginal fluid, it is sometimes more pleasant to use lubricant.

Do nevernot softtampons have a contraceptive effect?

No. nevernot softtampons do not protect against unwanted pregnancy! Please note that you can also get pregnant during your period. Also, nevernot softtampons do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases! We always recommend the use of condoms, which you can safely use together with nevernot softtampons.

I am wearing an IUD (or similar) for contraception. Can I use nevernot softtampons?

Yes, in general nevernot softtampons can be used very well together with a hormonal IUD, a copper IUD, a copper ball or similar. If you have had your IUD inserted in the last 6 months or have any other concerns, we recommend that you discuss this with your gynecologist beforehand.