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"We developed nevernot softtampons to make your period easier. Over 70% of all menstruators have never heard of softtampons. That has to change!"
- Katharina & Anna, nevernot founders

Customer reviews
Bewegung und Yoga tun mir während meiner Periode richtig gut, allerdings komme ich dabei nicht mit Tassen oder Baumwolltampons zurecht. Softtampons spüre ich gar nicht. Love it!!
— Dana, 21
Habe bisher noch nie eine Menstruationstasse gefunden, die mir passt. Bin super dankbar, dass ich eure Softtampons entdeckt habe!
— Seville, 36


What are the advantages of nevernot softtampons and what are they used for?

nevernot softtampons are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement and is better suited to the vaginal mucosa than conventional tampons. This results in a very pleasant wearing experience and provides particularly good protection against leakage. In addition, the nevernot softtampon has no retraction band and can easily be removed with the fingers. These properties make the nevernot softtampon particularly suitable for sex, sports (e.g. swimming, horseback riding, dancing, yoga, tennis) as well as spa visits or beauty treatments in the intimate area.

How do I insert the nevernot softtampon?

Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the tampon package. For easier insertion, you can moisten the softtampon with a little bit of lubricant or clean water. Take the softtampon between your thumb and middle finger so that the indentation points downwards and press the tampon together.

You can insert the tampon in a relaxed manner while standing, with an elevated leg or in a squatting position. Our tip: we recommend practicing a bit during the first applications, i.e. do not push the softtampon in too far at first, so that you learn how best to remove it again. So after a few applications you will definitely get the hang of it