The supplement for your menstrual product mix

Sport and exercise during the period

Sex, sport, spa and chill. Everything goes, nothing has to. #dowhatyouwant

You don't want to...
• not feel your period product anymore when exercising?
• absolute well-being and easy handling?
• Soft tampons that are easier to remove than conventional soft tampons?

• 100% free from harmful substances, made in Germany

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The only tampon you never feel!

"We nevernot developed soft tampons to make your period easier. Over 70% of all menstruators have never heard of soft tampons. That has to change!"
- Katharina & Anna, founders of nevernot

Customer reviews
Exercise and yoga are really good for me during my period, but I can't get along with cups or cotton tampons. I don't feel soft tampons at all. love it!!
— Dana, 21
I have never found a menstrual cup that fits me. I'm super grateful that I discovered your soft tampons!
— Seville, 36


What are the advantages of nevernot soft tampons and what are they suitable for?

nevernot soft tampons are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement and is better tolerated by the vaginal mucous membrane than conventional tampons. This leads to a very comfortable fit and protects particularly well against leakage. In addition, the nevernot soft tampon has no withdrawal string and can be easily removed with your fingers. These properties make the nevernot soft tampon particularly suitable for sex, sports (e.g. swimming, horseback riding, dancing, yoga, tennis) as well as visits to the spa or beauty treatments in the intimate area.

How do I insert the nevernot soft tampon?

Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the tampon packaging. For easier insertion, you can moisten the soft tampon with a little lubricant or clean water. Take the soft tampon between your thumb and middle finger so that the imprint points downwards and press the tampon together. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, the soft tampon can be easily inserted into any menstruating woman, even if it looks a bit large compared to conventional tampons. Now you can first insert the tampon with your thumb and middle finger and then push it further up in front of the cervix with your index or middle finger. You can insert the tampon in a relaxed manner while standing, with a raised leg or in a squatting position. Our tip: We recommend practicing a bit with the first applications, i.e. not pushing the soft tampon in too far at first, so that you learn how to remove it again. You'll definitely get the hang of it after a few uses.