You're super horny during your period, but your periods annoy you?

Pleasure & period?

With nevernot soft tampons you can have sexual intercourse without you or your partner noticing anything.

• No more dirty bedclothes
• Suitable for oral sex
• Absolute well-being and easy handling
• Easier to remove than conventional soft tampons
• 100% free of harmful substances, made in Germany

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
My period is five days, my girlfriend's is six - I'm so glad we discovered soft tampons.
— Jana, Berlin
Customer reviews
I love soft tampons, absolute game changer for GV! But also indispensable in everyday life.
— Clara, Hamburg

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No problem with nevernot soft tampons

sex and period?

"Sex workers have been using Soft-Tampons for ages! We have improved the Soft-Tampon and we want all menstruating women to know about it."
- Anna & Katha, founders of nevernot