The only tampon you never feel!

"We never developed soft tampons to make your period easier. Over 70% of all menstruators have never heard of soft tampons. That has to change!"
- Catherine & Anna

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The supplement for your menstrual product mix

Unique shape ☁️ easier to remove!

Cups, cotton tampons or pads - most menstrual products are even more annoying than your period.
With soft tampons, that's finally over! Give it a try!

Also suitable for endometriosis, organ prolapse, vaginal dryness and cramps. Can be used with the spiral.

100% free of harmful substances, made in Germany

Customer reviews
Exercise and yoga are really good for me during my period, but I can't get along with cups or cotton tampons. I don't feel soft tampons at all. love it!!
— Dana, 21
I have never found a menstrual cup that fits me. I'm super grateful that I discovered your soft tampons!
— Seville, 32

Unique shape, easier to remove than conventional soft tampons.

Stringless! No more nerves in the sauna or in a bikini.

Soft as a cloud. You'll never rinse your tampon again!

You can wear the tampon during sex. The sheets stay clean!

from 30 euros including shipping

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