The soft tampon

πŸ‘„ Ideal for sex, spa and sports
✨ So soft that you never feel it
πŸ’Š Very suitable for pain patients
πŸ’¦ Can prevent vaginal dryness
⏱ 6 to 8 hours Wearing time
πŸ’« Without annoying removal thread
☁️ Easier removal thanks to cloud shape
πŸ’™ 100% free of harmful substances
♻️ With recycled outer packaging


Optimal – with the cloud shape

We have optimized the conventional soft tampon. The nevernot soft tampon has a unique shape that we developed to make removal as easy as possible for our customers. A cloud shape for extra grip! No menstrual sponge is as easy to grab as the nevernot soft tampon.

nevernot Soft tampons are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement. This leads to a very comfortable fit and protects particularly well against leakage. In addition, the nevernot soft tampon has no withdrawal string and can be easily removed with your fingers.

Got mine now and was able to test them! And what I can say is- WOW 😍😍

I'm so excited!! It was a bit "difficult" to remove the tampon after the GM, but doable with a little relaxation and patience. Even with a heavy period, I got there with about 4-5 hours.

I'm an absolute fan of the soft tampons!! They just make my days so much more comfortable. I don't even know what everyone has that they can't get out anymore. I think most of them just always panic or are afraid to touch themselves because they don't know their own bodies. It is all the better that at nevernot they also provide information for so many things, so that we all learn something too!!!
Hello, my dears,
I tried your soft tampons for the first time today and I have to say I'm thrilled! Due to the shape, I really had no problems removing it, not like with conventional soft tampons. A dream and I will definitely
always nice to order from you.
Ps: the design is really super nice, I love the color palette and the interaction with the typo β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ
I love the brand Nevernot!

Just do everything as it should be: the product is great, I love the whole brand, the style, the message, the founders.

You won't get rid of me!
Anna und Katha, die nevernot GrΓΌnderinnen

For everyone who loves to make love.

β€˜do what you want’ – everything started under this motto and with the soft tampon in 2020. Since then, our first product has been well received by thousands of customers. Since then, the soft tampon has not only helped to feel freer, but also with pain and endometriosis.

While many conventional brands are busy breaking taboos that have long ceased to polarize , we want to go one step further and integrate intimate health into our well-being routines: yoga, meditation, me-time and self-love. It's about getting closer to your body and your sexuality – whether you're sexually active or not. Sex, lust and body acceptance as self-care!

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