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Dreaming of a dildo that’s a perfect match for your body? The Limba Flex is a completely new kind of dildo that can be individually bent to precisely target your G-spot, A-spot or prostate.

• Every body is different - just like every single time you have sex. That's why LIMBA FLEX can be flexibly bent; to reach the ideal fun spot for every person, in every position.
• Delivers what it promises. And more. One of the best things about Limba Flex: Its flat base adheres surprisingly strongly to smooth surfaces, whether shower wall or laminate - great for (hands-free) solo fun.

What's so great about a flexible dildo?
Buying sex toys is like a quiz show: from countless options, you have to try to pick out exactly the one that suits your body best. LIMBA FLEX saves you the guesswork. Looking for a dildo for a precise G-spot massage? Bend it into shape. You want a long, straight shaft? Bend it back – and off you go! Test the most diverse positions and ideas – with only one toy.

I would like to have anal sex – is the Limba Flex suitable for that?
Oh, yes! Numerous anal fun newbies worry about a possibly uncomfortable feeling when inserting it. LIMBA FLEX is shaped in such a way that the start is guaranteed to succeed. The tip is conical, so, together with an extra portion of nevernot lubricant – it slides in almost by itself.

Does the dildo stay in the desired position?
Yes! The malleable yet firm wire at the core of this adaptable dildo, holds its shape – even during quick position changes and hard thrusts. Unless you want to deliberately bend it with your hands, because then Limba Flex will do just about anything.

Why is Limba Flex ideal in combination with a harness?
A special feature of this dildo is its super-thin base; so you can get closer than ever to your sexual partner during Strap-on-Fun.

How do I know which Limba Flex - S or M - is right for me?
Are you more into sensual rubbing against each other or hard-hitting thrusts? The shorter shaft on the Limba Flex S is great for riding – or for strap-on actions. The longer Limba Flex M is ideal for targeted thrusts and quick position changes. Even in a harness, the longer, flexible dildo gives you optimal control.

Body friendly materials, hypoallergenic & non-porous