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6 nevernot soft tampons in a colourful candy bag
2 nevernot stickers**
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• free shipping*

Tampon strings are comparable to a tag hanging out from your t-shirt - it's annoying but will usually irritate you more than others.

You want to...
...not feel your period product at all?
...not have to change your sheets after sex or put a towel underneath?
...get a Brazilian waxing?
...enjoy your vacation without a tampon string distracting from your beach look?
...relax at a spa or sauna in order to get rid of period cramps?

All of that and more is possible with nevernot soft tampons. #dowhatyouwant

The nevernot soft tampon features a completely new shape which we have uniquely developed to make them easier to handle and remove than any menstrual sponge ever before.
nevernot soft tampons are made from a particularly soft and flexible foam, guaranteeing a highly comfortable fit while the soft tampon perfectly adapts to your body's every movement. This helps to protect against leakage in any situation. Also, nevernot soft tampons come without a withdrawal string and can easily be removed using your fingers.

Each six-pack of soft tampons comes with two different stickers, partly selected by the nevernot Instagram Community.

For further information about the advantages and usage of nevernot soft tampons, please refer to our FAQs.

*free shipping to Germany, standard shipping costs apply to other EU countries
**themes may vary

Aus unserer Community
Nevernot Soft-Tampons sind einfach nur genial für Tänzer*innen und Menschen, die gerade während ihrer Periode super horny sind.
— Anja, 23
Habe bisher noch nie eine Menstruationstasse gefunden, die mir passt. Bin super dankbar, dass ich endlich nevernot entdeckt habe!
— Seville, 31
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