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6 nevernot soft-tampons in a trendy candy pack
2 nevernot Sticker**
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You and your body don't like cups, cotton tampons, or pads? With soft-tampons, this finally has an end! Give it a try!

You don't want to...
...feel your period product anymore?
...change the bed linen every time you had period sex or put a towel underneath?

You want to...
...add an additional product to your menstrual product mix? relaxed while attending your waxing appointment during your menstruation?
...enjoy your beach vacation without the retrieval string distracting from your beach look?
...relax in the sauna during your period?

All this and much more is possible with the nevernot soft-tampons. 


The advantages of the nevernot soft-tampon

The soft-tampon

✨ Super soft, you'll never notice wearing it 
💙 100 % free from harmful substances 
🌿 Made of polyurethane foam, certified by OEKOTEX® Standard 100
👄 Ideal for sex, spa, and sport
💊 Very well suited for people who suffer from menstrual pain
💫 Without a thread 
☁️ With the unique cloud shape, for even easier removal
⏱ 6 to 8 hours wearing time
💕 Fairly produced in Germany 
♻️ With recycled outer packaging


The nevernot soft-tampon

Optimal – with the cloud shape

We have optimized the conventional soft-tampon. The nevernot soft-tampon has a unique shape that we developed to make the removal as easy as possible for our customers. It now features a cloud shape for extra grip! No menstrual sponge is as easy to grab as the nevernot soft-tampon.

nevernot soft-tampons are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement. This leads to a very comfortable fit and protects particularly well against leakage. In addition, the nevernot soft-tampon has no withdrawal string and can be easily removed with your fingers.

How do I use the nevernot soft-tampons?

How-To: Soft-Tampons

How-To: Soft-Tampons

Remove your soft-tampon

1) Don't panic! Always keep in mind that you cannot lose a soft-tampon in your body. It is directly located in front of your cervix and the cervix is smaller than the head of a pin. Thus, your physiology makes it impossible to loose the soft-tampon. But if you panic and cramp it might get harder to retrieve the soft-tampon

2) Squat. This way your vaginal canal shortens and you can grip the soft-tampon even easier

3) Make it wet! If you have troubles removing the soft-tampons, water might help. With the shower head between your legs, the soft-tampon gets soaked with water. This makes it bigger and easier to grab.

4) Pay attention to the shape! As described above, only the nevernot soft-tampon has the cloud shape, which makes it easier for you to remove and grab the soft-tampon.

Do you have any more questions about the soft-tampon? Click here for the FAQs.

Your experiences with the soft-tampon
nevernot soft-tampons are just awesome for dancers and people who are super horny during their period.
— Anja, 23
I have never found a menstrual cup that fits me. I'm super grateful that I discovered your soft-tampons!
— Seville, 31