Period Perfect! Bundle

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Even if having your period is anything but 'perfect', we have the perfect period bundle for you. Including soft-tampons, Intimate Wipes, and our nevernot Menstrual Cup, it'll see you through period pains, cravings and mood swings – always ready to step in when and for what you need it. We got you covered – literally! Because when it comes to menstrual products, there's no right or wrong, only appropriate or inappropriate.

🏆 The menstrual cup is your sustainable and eco-friendly choice for (almost) every day and occasion!

☁️ You want to have sex during your period and not mess up your sheets? You want to exercise but a cup or cotton tampon aren't as comfy? You suffer from period pain and conventional tampons make it worse? Reach for the Soft-Tampon, as an add-on to your menstrual product mix. For special occasions.

👅 You're on the go and want to change your cup? With the Quickies that's no problem! Simply wipe through and you're ready to go.

🌹 nevernot Team Tip: An unplanned ONS is coming up and you're on your period? Go for it - whether natural or with Soft-Tampon and Intimate Wipes. Do what you want!

Your experiences with the nevernot Menstrual Cup:
My period is still annoying. But much less since I use the nevernot soft-tampons and the menstrual cup. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ladies!
— Anja, 34
I love the nevernot cup. The ring makes removal super easy and the box is just practical.
— Emily, 21
Your everyday period product

Menstrual Cup

Your sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for (almost) every day and occasion! The nevernot menstrual cup comes 100% without packaging waste. 

🏆 22 milliliters capacity
🩺 100% medicinal silicone
♻️ Reusable
⏰ Up to 8 hours wearing time
🌱 Particularly sustainable: Up to 10 years of lifetime*
💖 Fairly produced
🌿 Vegan

Your add-on for special occasions

The soft-tampon

✨ Super soft, you'll never notice wearing it 
💙 100 % free from harmful substances 
🌿 Made of polyurethane foam, certified by OEKOTEX® Standard 100
👄 Ideal for sex, spa, and sport
💊 Very well suited for people who suffer from menstrual pain
💫 Without a thread 
☁️ With the unique cloud shape, for even easier removal
⏱ 6 to 8 hours wearing time
💕 Fairly produced in Germany 
♻️ With recycled outer packaging


Intimate Wipes

The nevernot Quickies – Intimate Wipes

Not only ideal for your next quickie, but also for your menstrual cup - perfect for on the go. Simply put it in your pocket or purse and keep it ready for the cup change. Just wipe your vulva and cup and everything's settled.

✨ Dermatologically and gynecologically tested

💙 Optimal PH value for your intimate area

🥛 With lactic acid and chamomile extract

🌱 Vegan and cruelty-free 

🌸 Biodegradable

☀️Fairly produced in Germany

♻️ With recycled packaging material