The Starter Kit

€19,00 €37,30

For new customers: Save 45% on your starter kit - get our nevernot soft-tampons and the F*CKING GOOD water-based lubricant.

Do what you want and how you want it. The nevernot starter kit is your all-round carefree package for bed and your period! #dowhatyouwant

☀️ Perfect for sports, spa and sex.

💊 Particularly soft - the secret tip if you struggle with bad cramps and endometriosis.

👄 You want sex on your period without damaging your sheets? It's possible without stains using our soft-tampon and the water-based lube.

☁️ Do you want to insert your soft-tampons even more easily? Put a few drops of the water-based Intimate Gel on the tampon - perfect for beginners.

From our community
Nevernot Soft tampons are just awesome for dancers and people who are super horny during their period.
— Anya, 23
I have never found a menstrual cup that fits me. I'm super thankful that I finally discovered nevernot!
— Seville, 31