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Do what you want and how you want it. The nevernot Easy Bundle is your all-around carefree package for bed. For every situation in life, but above all the horizontal. Mix and match your love life!

nevernot water-based lubricant: 100ml
nevernot Tampon: 12 pieces
nevernot Quickies: 7 pieces

• You want to have hot se+ during your period without damaging your sheets? The soft-tampon and our water-based lubricant (which does not stain) are the ideal duo.
• In a hurry? Grab the Intimate Wipes for a quick refresher - if you want to. With our Intimate Gel you'll be ready even faster.
• Do you want to insert your soft-tampons even more easily? Put a few drops of the water-based lube on the tampon.
• nevernot team tip: An unplanned ONS is coming up and you're on your period? Go for it - whether all natural or with a soft-tampon and intimate wipes. Do what you want!
Soft-tampons by nevernot:
• Super soft, you'll never notice wearing it
• 100 % free from harmful substances
• Made of foam material, certified by OEKOTEX® Standard 100
• Ideal for sex, spa, and sport
• Very well suited for people who suffer from menstrual pain
• Without a thread
• With the unique cloud shape, for even easier removal
• 6 to 8 hours wearing time
• Fairly produced in Germany
• With recycled outer packaging

nevernot Quickies:
The nevernot intimate wipes are ready to step in when you need them. Ready when you are!
• Dermatologically and gynecologically tested
• Optimal PH value for your intimate area
• With lactic acid and chamomile extract
• Vegan and cruelty-free
• Biodegradable
• Fairly produced in Germany
• With recycled packaging material

nevernot water-based lubricant:
The water-base nevernot lubricant is perfect for use with toys and does not leave stains. Bullshit-free and neutral in taste. Less suitable in connection with toxic relationships, fuckboys, and -girls, as well as assholes – especially anal-sex-approved, tho!
• Organic, vegan and sustainable
• Cruelty-free
• Recycled packaging material
• Excellent for intimate dryness
• Dermatologically tested
• Greaseless & colorless
• Optimal PH-value

nevernot water-based lubricant:
Apply as much lubricant as you want directly to the desired body parts. Alternatively, you can first put the lube in your palms or fingers and then apply it to the desired body part. Now you can start.

nevernot Tampon:
How do I insert the soft-tampon from nevernot?
• Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the tampon packaging. For easier insertion, you can moisten the soft-tampon with a little lubricant or clean water. Take the soft-tampon between your thumb and middle finger so that the imprint points downwards and press the tampon together. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, the soft-tampon can be easily inserted into any menstruating woman, even if it looks a bit large compared to conventional tampons. Now you can first insert the tampon with your thumb and middle finger and then push it further up in front of the cervix with your index or middle finger. You can insert the tampon in a relaxed manner while standing, with a raised leg or in a squatting position.
• Our tip: We recommend practicing a bit the first time you use it, i.e. not pushing the soft-tampon in too far at first, so that you learn how best to remove it again. You'll definitely get the hang of it after a few uses.
How can I remove the soft-tampon by nevernot?
• Wash your hands thoroughly before removing the soft-tampon. It can usually be easily removed over the toilet using your thumb and index finger or index and middle finger. Alternatively, you can hook your index or middle finger into the indentation on the bottom part of the soft-tampon and pull it out that way.
• For easier removal (especially if the soft-tampon got pushed deeper through intercourse), we recommend that you squat down on a towel or in the shower with your legs apart. Your pelvis moves forward. This way the soft-tampon is pressed further down and easier to grip with your fingers.
• Soft-tampons are also easier to remove when they are wet. If this is not the case yet, you can add liquid with a vaginal douche or a normal shower head.
• Please dispose the used soft-tampon with the residual waste - Don't flush it!

nevernot Quickies (Intimate wipes):
The nevernot intimate wipes are perfect for on the go. As a handbag- and pocket-staple, they are always by your side – ready to jump in and save your day. Rip, wipe and get started.

Why are the nevernot intimate gels better than conventional lubes?

There are hundreds of natural cosmetics brands, but nobody wonders which substances their favourite lubricants contain. The products you use in your intimate area should be at least as good as your facial cosmetics. The 'F*cking Good' Intimate Gel Collection is vegan, fair, organic, cruelty-free, packed with recycled materials, produced in Europe, of course dermatologically tested, and highly effective. Because it's not enough to just bring a lubricant onto the market that doesn't harm our body and the environment, it should also really work.

The nevernot intimate gels are organic but have no certificate. Why?

Certification by natural cosmetics-labels is often very time-consuming, cost-intensive, and difficult to implement for small start-ups. We plan to have all our products certified in the long term and already committed to the high functionality and quality of our products.

What are the benefits of soft-tampons by nevernot and when to use them?

Soft-tampons by nevernot are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement and is better tolerated by the vaginal mucous membrane than conventional tampons. This leads to a very comfortable fit and protects particularly well against leakage. In addition, the soft-tampon by nevernot has no withdrawal string and can be easily removed with your fingers. These properties make our soft-tampon particularly suitable for sex, sports (e.g. swimming, horseback riding, dancing, yoga, tennis) as well as visits to the spa or next waxing appointment. At the same time, the soft-tampon is so soft that you never feel it. It's therefore ideal for pain patients and people with diseases like endometriosis.

Why is the soft-tampon particularly suitable for people suffering from strong period pain?

For many people, the insertion of conventional period products can increase pain. The soft-tampon is so soft that you never feel it - and is, therefore (along with period panties and pads), ideal for people with severe period pain.

Can my partner feel the soft-tampon by nevernot during sex?

If the soft-tampon is placed correctly (i.e. it is deep enough in front of the cervix), most (penetrating) partners don't even notice it (quoting our gynecologist: "Most men only feel soft-tampons when you tell them about it"). The sponge is very soft and flexible and adapts to your body temperature after a concise time. Our tip: Since soft-tampons can also absorb part of the normal vaginal fluid, it is sometimes more pleasant to use some lube to insert them.

How long can I wear the soft-tampon by nevernot for?

The wearing time depends on the strength of your menstrual bleeding (about 2-4 hours on the heavier days, about 4-6 hours on the lighter days). You should change the soft-tampon immediately after having sex or swimming to prevent infection. In any case, the wearing time should not be longer than 8 hours. Please always remember to remove the last soft-tampon inserted before inserting a new soft-tampon as well as at the end of your period.

I have problems removing my soft-tampon. What can I do?

Please note that every menstruating person is built differently. For some, the removal is easier than for others. However, it is important to know that the soft-tampon cannot "disappear" inside you. The cervix is ​​far too narrow for a soft-tampon to enter your uterus. With the removal instructions described above, you should be able to remove the soft-tampon easily. In general, the more you relax, the easier it becomes. If you really can't get your soft-tampon out, please see your gynecologist. They can remove the soft-tampon very quickly and easily.

Can I use the same soft-tampon more than once?

No, we strongly advise against it. Due to the tiny pores on the surface structure, it is hardly possible to clean the used soft-tampon sufficiently. Repeated use of the same soft-tampon can therefore lead to infections.

Do soft-tampons by nevernot have a contraceptive effect?

No. Our soft-tampons do not protect against unwanted pregnancy! Please note that you can also become pregnant while you are on your period. Likewise, our soft-tampons do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases! We always recommend the use of condoms, which you can safely use with our soft-tampon.

I wear an IUD (or similar) for contraception. Can I use the soft-tampons from nevernot?

Yes! In general, our soft-tampons can be used very well together with a hormone IUD, a copper IUD, a copper ball, or similar products. If you have had your IUD inserted in the last six months or have any other concerns, we recommend that you discuss this with your gynecologist beforehand.

Why is there only one size of soft-tampons by nevernot?

Our soft-tampons are made of a particularly soft and flexible material that adapts perfectly to your body. Even if the soft-tampon seems large to you at first, you can easily squeeze it with your fingers when inserting it. In your body, it then nestles perfectly against your vagina, follows every movement, and stays tight without you or anyone else noticing.

nevernot water-based lubricant:

nevernot tampon:
Soft-Tampon made of foam material, certified by OEKOTEX® Standard 100.

nevernot Quickies (intimate wipes):