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Krebs Saison 2022 - Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope – Cancer Season

Tenderness is your trump! People whose sun is in cancer, take plenty of time for their partners: They love to spoil them on all levels. Sex without feelings is not really relevant to them and affairs are therefore difficult to imagine. But in order to keep up the mood in bed, cancer people need a feeling of security. They have to gain trust before they open up. If they feel safe, they are incredibly devoted and tender lovers. Best of all, they can really let themselves go. So if you want to try your first attempt at squirting, you would be well advised to try it in the energy of cancer. For this, and for anyone having sex in cancer, a long pre- and after-play is essential. Because the cancer babes are world champions in caring, a sexy game could begin after an enjoyable breakfast in bed where you playfully feed each other.

A body and mind balance is always provided for cancer-borns - in every sense of the word.

I hope I have been able to introduce you to cancer kids a bit and help you make the most of this July.

On that note,

give it a try!


Greetings from the magical island of Ibiza


When the goddess of love, venus, dances in gemini, it feels like being newly in love. Whether you're part of a long relationship or you've just met your crush, you've got butterflies in your stomach. Enjoy it, aries babe - and take it down a notch in the first week of July, or you might scare someone off with your untamed lust.


After a hot June, July now cools down a bit for all taurus-born people. If it doesn't work out with your surroundings, maybe read a hot novel? Such books awaken unexpected desires and slowly bring your libido back on track. From the 18th of the month you'll get support from venus, afterwards it goes uphill again.


The planet of love is bathing in your sign. This brings you love and eroticism, exactly the way you imagine: with respect, the knowledge of how to love you, time, but without clinging, travel, all-night partying, binge-watching on the sofa, and even or ESPECIALLY imaginative, witty, unrestrained and extremely dirty nights.

Cancer: SIN ROPA

Happy birthday, cancer babe, this is your month. This month is all about making the most of the days and turning the nights into day. You can sleep in August, it gets too warm anyway. Now is the time to experience kinky shenanigans, extremely sexy games and naughty happenings. Put on your most glamorous outfit and perhaps nothing underneath.


Time is money, or better: time is hot. Venus is still at your side until the middle of the month. Use these weeks to be wild and explorative – break taboos! Grab anything that tastes good and maybe even take two bites. From the 15th of July onwards, your wet dreams will please you more than reality, but hey, that can be pretty sexy too, can't it?


The sun in cancer finally feels really good to you. It gives you a gentle longing for cosy, totally intimate and revelatory cuddly sex. You want a special kind of intimacy and that's exactly what July 2022 will bring you. Be ready for some good, good lovin', Virgo!



The admirers are lining up. They lick their fingers for you no matter which way you walk or where you look. My tip is to fully embrace it. Make the most of this erotic aura before you finally get some me-time on the cosmic timetable from the 18th of July.


Professionally you should slow down this month, it is acutally a good time to take a few days off. And if you keep your head free from business stuff, you can fully let yourself fall into the depths of lust and passion. Mars will be your wingman in July, with him, you can conquer everything and everyone.


Whether you're in a (long-term) relationship or single; all sagittarius babes have the chance to feel like they're freshly in love in July. Never-ending chats, exciting dates, lively flirting, first kisses, first nights full of insecurities and with that, infinitely beautiful feelings of falling in love. This is what your seventh month of 2022 will look like.

Capricorn: LOOK AT ME

In July, you have time to calm down a bit, to think about what and how you actually want it. As soon as your erotic fantasies are rearranged in the middle of the month, it's time to go out to present yourself. Throw on your hottest outfit and attract all the attention. Believe me, it won't just stay at an eye contact.


You're not only loved aquagirl, you're understood, too. How sexy that can be depends entirely on your desire to try it out. Nothing has to, everything is possible. Think about how far you want to go, where your limits are and choose a delicious safeword. That way, nothing can go wrong.


We live in a sh... society, you my dear little pisces, may break these boundaries this month with heartfelt pleasure and passion. The sky is the limit. If your body, quivering with lust, wants to scream out loud, don't stop it. Release is king - or queen! Let it all out and show your neighbours what they've been missing for so long.


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Isabelle Dekeyser – oder auch Cosmic ID – ist deine Anlaufstelle für Sextrology, dein monatlich erscheinendes erotisches Horoskop.