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Zwilling Season 2022 - Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope – Gemini Season

Communication, here we come! Geminis love to babble, they are gifted with not having to take life so seriously. In June, we should all implement this attitude a little more into our everyday lives.

The talkative zodiac sign has mastered the art of flirting like no other. Not even a grumpy Capricorn can resist the charm of a Gemini (you know I love Capricorns). June, in line with the zodiac sign, is not gonna be dull. The month allows us to flutter excitedly from flower to flower and taste all the delicious nectars. Highly erotic adventures await at every turn. Driven by pure curiosity, we can experience everything that has always excited us. The loose tongue of the Gemini will be a big part of your sexual sphere. How? Did you ever hear of dirty talk? The Geminis are famous for the best blow jobs – and they lick every pussy to ecstasy.

Always something new, always variety, that's what the Gemini energy stands for.

I hope you find time to make room for this sexy spirit in June. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

On that note,

Give it a try!


Greetings from the magical island of Ibiza



Wow, Jupiter, our lucky planet is in your sign. What do you need in your life? Happiness, a bigger flat, more money, a promotion, more time off, a vacation? Share it with the cosmos – through a tangible manifestation. Your luck will find you. Expansion and enhancement on all levels, including eroticism, of course. Whatever you wish for... Harder, softer, gadgets, more participants. Now everything is possible!


Venus is in your sign, baby - with her comes love. Long-term relationships develop a new heat, lust rises and rises and rises... Use this month to bring some fantasy into your sheets. Role play? A mere giving? Or a mere taking!? My cosmic tip: A blindfold might enhance your senses.

Singles, this month also holds some butterflies for you. Enjoy!


Happy Hippy Birthday, Gemini: A lack of drive is not your problem anyway. But this month, Mars catapults your lust into new spheres. Asap, Jupiter will provide you with someone you can live out your passion with. From the 23rd of June you can expect to meet your dream person: beautiful, sexy, witty! Well, if that's not a birthday gift from above...


Here we go. Cancers, fasten your seatbelts. The erotic rollercoaster begins, and I suggest to take in everything you can. The ride will reach its absolute climax at the full moon on the 14th of June. After that, there will be quieter hours along the way. For the second half of the month, keep in mind that the inner thighs are a highly erogenous zone. And thank me later ;)


Whew, after the last month, we can put on the handbrake again. But only until the 23rd of June: After that, the Gemini Venus will embrace you wild fiery lions. The result are some hot nights, also with complete strangers. Attention: Leos are on the prowl again.


Office and business? That was last month, now it's sexy time only! You could almost talk about magical erotic powers that the stars are giving you in June. Who do you want to wrap around your finger? With this sex appeal, you can have them all. Double-check who you're giving your yoni entrance to, so they don't fall in love with your sensational seduction skills.

Libra: TRY OUT

June is not about love, June is about pleasure. Go out and enjoy yourselves, libra. It's your month of one-night-stands. How awesome. With strangers, you can finally do everything that has been on your bucket list for so long – without the fear of completely upsetting your partners. What is your most secret, erotic fantasy?

Scorpio: OPEN UP

Here comes the sun. For all Scorpios, wholeness stands on the agenda in June. How you achieve this fulfilling sense of completeness is up to you. The Universe will gently guide each and every scorpio babe to happiness. You just have to open your eyes and watch.

Sagittarius: BE THE LIGHT

You truly are a gem. Astrologically, Sagittarians are the lucky children of the zodiac. You are gifted with the ability to see light and to give light. So don't you dim yours. In June, you should give love – love on every level and especially on a physical level. Who can you spoil and how? Tickling tongue? Massive massage? Tipsy touch?


Venus gives you the hottest look of 2022 in June. You'll feel it: a little more lustful, sensual, pleasurable. Enjoy it without thinking too much or asking questions. This constellation won't come back anytime soon. No matter with whom you feel like doing whatever, this month makes it possible.

Aquarius: (DIS)COVER

No more hot coupling. Now is the time for self-love. You don't know how to do that? Ask yourself, what's good for you? A bath, a candle, sunbathing naked!? Get in touch with your physical body. Touching is encouraged. Pamper yourself from head to toe and get to know yourself all over again. There is still so much more to discover.


Mmmmh, sensuality is kissed awake by our love planet. Who are you gonna share it with? The stars predict: Not with a long-term partner. That scares you? What are you afraid of? Your sense of security? Security is an illusion. So get out and enjoy what you get between your legs.


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