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Silicone-based Lubricant

F*cking Good

€28,00 Unit price €28,00 per  100 ml

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Our relationship runs particularly smoothly: With me, you will get 🍑-se+ ready in no time – if you want.

🌱 Organic, vegan, and sustainable
🐰 Cruelty-free
♻️ Recycled packaging material
💦 Prevents dryness in intimate area
💕 Dermatologically tested
💫 Grease-free, colorless, odorless 
🌸 Optimal pH value
📦 100 ml

Bullshit-free and neutral in taste. Suitable for the use with soft-tampons and/or latex condoms. Less suitable in connection with toxic relationships, f*ckboys, and -girls, as well as assholes – especially 🍑-se+-approved, tho!

Apply as much lubricant as you want directly to the desired body parts. Alternatively, you can first put the lube in your palms or fingers and then apply it to the desired body part. Now you can start.

Why are the nevernot lubricants better than conventional lubes?

There are hundreds of natural cosmetics brands, but nobody wonders which substances their favourite lubricants contain. The products you use in your intimate area should be at least as good as your facial cosmetics. The 'F*cking Good' lube Collection is vegan, fair, organic, cruelty-free, packed with recycled materials, produced in Europe, of course dermatologically tested, and highly effective. Because it's not enough to only launch a lubricant that doesn't harm our body and the environment, it has to be effective as well!

What are the differences between silicone-based, water-based and CBD-infused lubricants? And how do I use them?

The water-based lubricant is 99% organic, ideal for all types of intercourse, it can be used with all types of condoms, it can be used with your toys, it does not stain, it is a great moisturizer, and also suitable for internal use.
The CBD-infused lubricant is 99% organic, it can be anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, it can also help relax muscles, and stimulate your blood circulation, causing an increased sensation. This increase in blood circulation can also increase the natural moisture.
The silicone-based lubricant is 87% biological, it is even richer than other lubricating gels, gets absorbed more slowly, is a bit thicker and therefore extra slippery. It is great for sensitive skin, perfect for anal intercourse, and can be used in the shower or bath as it does not wash away. But it should not be used with silicone toys, though it can be used with latex condoms (this is not the case with every silicone-based lube).

The nevernot lubes are organic but have no certificate. Why?

Certification by natural cosmetics-labels is often very time-consuming, cost-intensive, and difficult to implement for small start-ups. We plan to have all our products certified in the long term and are already committed to the high functionality and quality of our products.

Our relationship runs particularly smoothly: with me you will be (anal) sex ready in no time - if you want.
I contain...
...the two silicones dimenthicone and polyacrylamide: They form a particularly long-lasting protective layer on our skin and are only absorbed slowly - for a particularly smooth experience. Perfect for anal sex.
...Glycerin: The substance is part of the natural moisturizing factors of our skin and ensures improved absorption of moisture. Optimal protection against dryness!
...Lactic acid: It is part of the acid mantle of the skin and regulates the PH value of our intimate area - a natural hydration booster! Thus, lactic acid protects against environmental influences, harmful microorganisms and dehydration.

Store in a cool and dark place. Not a contraceptive! Tube and outer packaging are made out of recycled materials. Keep out of the reach of children.


Best in threes!

the lube trio

It's not enough just to put products on the market that don't harm our bodies and the environment, they also have to be able to really do something –  with optimal pH-value, without animal testing.

Our Lubes are vegan, sustainable, bio and packed with recycled materials.  Highly effective, with excellent ingredients. 

Customer Voices

...with the nevernot glide gel

The lubricant is very pleasant, does not smear and intensifies sex?☺️


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Wow, the first time that a product really look fierce and works. Never saw something like that in Germany before 🙏


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Finally a lubricant gel, that does not stickt! Have the set directly reordered.


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