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nevernot Tampon – 24 Pack

24 Soft-Tampons

€24,90 €29,70

incl. VAT plus shipping costs


NEW: The space-saving 24 pack!

The nevernot tampon - The world first

🔥 Period sex? The sheets stay clean!
💕 Very well suited for pain patients and athletes: You never feel it
🧶 The first soft-tampon with optional thread
🧡 Thanks to vacuuming it fits in every pocket or purse
☁️ Made of super soft foam, 100% free of pollutants

Please dispose of the used soft tampon in the residual waste - not in the toilet flush!

nevernot Tip:
If you want to get a feel for how to use the soft tampon, you can use it in combination with the optional thread. Try removing the soft tampon first with the thread attached but without using it, that way you can get used to removing it. However, if you need a little more practice, you can simply pull out the soft tampon by the thread.

The Soft-Tampon is a perfect beginners Product. What does that mean?

You are afraid of not being able to remove the Tampon? Don't be!
Thanks to the unique cloud shape and enclosed thread, there will never be this problem again.

Can the thread tear the soft tampon when it is fully soaked?

No, we have also worked on the material, the soft tampon is super tear resistant.

I wear an IUD (or similar) for contraception. Can I use the Soft-Tampons from nevernot?

Yes, in general the nevernot soft tampons can be used very well together with a hormonal IUD, a copper IUD, a copper ball or similar. If you have any concerns, please talk to your gynecologist.

The Soft-Tampons from nevernot are 100% free from harmful substances.

The optional thread is made of 100% organic cotton.

Our outer packaging is made of biodegradable or recycled materials and printed with biodegradable ink.

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The nevernot tampon


Do it yourself: When needed with or without removal-string – simply thread through yourself. Your choice. Now with even easier application. Particularly tear-resistant. Perfect for every day. #dowhatyouwant

Customer Voices

...with the nevernot Tampon

Love the soft-tampons, they give me an all-round good feeling. Finally, no more dry feeling and no more pain from cotton tampons!

Carina, 21

via Instagram

The wearing comfort is incomparable! I tested the soft-tampons for the first time and am thrilled. My partner didn't notice it at all.

Michelle, 27

via Instagram

Gamechanger! The best soft-tampon I know! The shape makes it very easy to remove and I don't feel it at all.

Jess, 33

via Instagram