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Save 15% with the Summer Saver Kit: Smoothie, Intimate Wipes + Soft Tampons.

Which summer type are you? Whether you're a festival fan, amateur swimmer, beach babe or adventurer, we got you covered - with the Summer Saver Kit!

🧡 Sore thighs in summer? Not with me! The Smoothie - your anti-chafing gel - will save you from too much rubbing and sore spots. Reach for the smoothie instead of the bike shorts under your dress.

☁️ You got your period and want to go swimming? You want to have sex during your period but do not mess up your sheets? You want to do sports, but a cup and cotton tampon press? Then reach for the soft tampon, as an add-on to your menstrual product mix. For special occasions.

👅 Heading out to some festivals this summer and want to feel fresh? Got a spontaneous date with your summer fling? You're out and about and want to change your cup? No problem with the Quickies! Just wipe and you're ready to go.

nevernot Smoothie:
Shake well, apply thinly, get started: whether it's your workout routine, your summer walk, or the purchase of sandals – don’t worry no more.
• Pull off the lid
• Turn the applicator
• Pull the applicator slightly upwards
• Apply the product

For use on the skin. Prevents chafing. Vitamins included.

nevernot Tampon:
How do I insert the nevernot soft-tampon?

Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the tampon package. Remove the soft-tampon and the cotton thread and, if you want, tie the thread through the loop in the soft-tampon. For easier insertion, you can moisten the soft-tampon with some lubricant or clean water. Hold the soft-tampon between your thumb and middle finger so that the loop points downwards and squeeze the tampon. Due to the soft and flexible material, the soft-tampon can be inserted easily, even if it seems a bit large compared to conventional tampons. Now you can first insert the tampon with your thumb and middle finger and then push it further upwards, infront of the cervix, with your index or middle finger. You can insert the tampon in a relaxed manner while standing with one leg raised or in a squatting position.

Our tip: We recommend that you practice a little during the first few applications. You can first test the soft-tampon in combination with the thread. Insert the thread through the loop, tie it securely and insert the soft-tampon. Now you can wear it for up to eight hours, depending on the intensity of your period. Try to remove the soft-tampon without using the thread at first, so you get a good feeling for the handling of the soft-tampon. However, if you need a little more practice, you can simply remove the soft-tampon by pulling the thread.

How can I remove the nevernot soft-tampon?

With optional thread:
Once you have tied the optional thread in the loop of the soft-tampon, you can easily pull your soft-tampon by the removal-string. First wash your hands, grab the thread and pull it. The soft-tampon material is especially tear-resistant, so you can easily remove the soft-tampon. Please dispose of the used soft-tampon in the residual waste – do not flush in the toilet!

Without optional thread:
Wash your hands thoroughly before removing the tampon. In most cases, the soft-tampon can be easily removed by using your thumb and index finger or index and middle finger. Alternatively, you can hook your index or middle finger into the loop at the bottom of the tampon and pull the soft-tampon out.

For easier removal (especially if the soft-tampon sits deeper after sex), we recommend squatting down on a towel or in the shower in a deep, wide-legged squat position. This will push your pelvis forward, pushing the soft-tampon further down and mak it easier to grip with your fingers.

Soft-tampons are easier to remove when they are fully soaked. If this is not yet the case, you can use a vaginal shower or a normal shower head to add additional liquid. Please dispose of the used soft-tampon in the residual waste – do not flush in the toilet!

nevernot tip:
If you want to get a feeling for the handling of the soft-tampon, you can use it in combination with the optional thread. Try removing the soft-tampon without using the thread at first, that way you can get used to it. However, if you need a little more practice, you can simply remove the soft-tampon by the thread.

nevernot Quickies:
• The nevernot intimate wipes are perfect for on the go. As a handbag- and pocket-staple, they are always by your side – ready to jump in and save your day. Rip, wipe and get started.
• nevernot team tip: We always take an intimate wipe with us – not only for spontaneous dates, but also for menstrual cup accidents. Especially great for using public toilets.

The nevernot Smoothie is made completely without silicones – why is that so important?

Unlike comparable products on the market, the smoothie is completely produced without silicones, without having to compromise on effectiveness. Silicones are bad for you and our environment. They promise effects but these are only superficial, short-term and purely optical. They have no nourishing effect whatsoever. In the long term, they even harm your body. The smoothie consists of ingredients that are 100% natural. No silicones, same effect!

The Soft-Tampon 2.0. is the ideal beginner’s product. What does that mean?

Are you afraid you won't be able to remove the tampon? Don't be! Thanks to the unique cloud shape and optional thread, you will never have that problem again. Here's how it works: Insert the thread through the loop, tie it tightly and insert the soft-tampon. Now you can wear it for up to eight hours, depending on the intensity of your period. Try to remove the soft-tampon without using the thread at first, so you get a good feeling for the handling of the soft-tampon. However, if you need a little more practice, you can simply remove the soft-tampon by the thread.

nevernot tampon: The most sustainable soft-tampon in the world. Why?

We have managed to shrink the soft-tampon – saving 70% of packaging. We also save a lot of CO2 emissions due to the smaller size and easier transportation.

You have shrunk the soft.tampons, does that affect absorbency and wearing time?

No, not even a little bit. The soft-tampon 2.0. is shrunk inside the package, but it unfolds to its full size after opening. 70% less packaging, 100% function!

The soft-tampon 2.0. has an optional thread, why?

Many people use the soft-tampon as an additional product for special occasions, such as period sex or to go swimming – here, a thread can sometimes be ennoying. However, an optional thread can make everyday life and the removal of the soft-tampon extremely easy, especially for people who suffer from period pain, for athletes or soft-tampon beginners. In this way, the soft-tampon is transformed from an additional product into an everyday product.

Can the thread tear the soft-tampon when it is fully soaked?

No, we have also worked on the material, the soft-tampon is super tear-resistant.

What are the advantages of the soft-tampons by nevernot and what are they suitable for?

The soft-tampons by nevernot are made of a particularly soft, flexible foam that adapts perfectly to your body with every movement and is better tolerated by the vaginal mucosa than conventional tampons. This results in a very pleasant wearing sensation and provides particularly good protection against leakage. The nevernot tampon 2.0 is the world's first soft-tampon with an optional thread. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to wear it with or without. These features make our soft-tampon especially suitable for sex, sports (e.g. swimming, horseback riding, dancing, yoga, tennis) as well as spa visits or beauty treatments in the intimate area. At the same time, our soft-tampon is so soft that you will never notice wearing it and it’s ideal for people who suffer from period pain and users with endometriosis.

Why is the soft-tampon especially suitable for pain patients?

The insertion of conventional cups or cotton tampons can increase the pain of people who suffer from period cramps – in some cases, they are even unable to insert them at all. The soft-tampon is so soft that you never feel it, making it ideal for people with severe period pain and cramps. Now the soft-tampon 2.0 comes with an optional thread, making removal even easier.

I have problems removing my soft-tampon. What can I do?

Please note that every menstruating person is built differently. For some, the removal is easier than for others. However, it is important to know that the soft-tampon cannot "disappear" inside your body. The cervix is ​​far too narrow for a soft-tampon to enter your uterus. With the removal instructions described in the application, you should be able to remove the soft-tampon easily. In general, the more you relax, the easier it gets. It is best to first try using the soft-tampon in combination with the optional thread. This way you will get a feeling for the removal of the soft-tampon and still feel 100% safe. If you have not used the thread and really can't remove your soft-tampon, please see your gynecologist. They can remove the soft-tampon very quickly and easily.

Can my partner feel the soft-tampon during sex?

If the soft-tampon is placed correctly (i.e. it is deep enough in front of the cervix), most (penetrating) partners don't even notice it (quoting our gynecologist: "Most men only feel soft-tampons when you tell them about it"). The sponge is very soft and flexible and adapts to your body temperature after no time. If you skip the removal-thread, the soft-tampon is even invisible.

Our tip: Since soft-tampons can also absorb part of the normal vaginal fluid, it is sometimes more pleasant to use some lube to insert them.

How long can I wear the soft-tampon by nevernot?

The wearing time depends on the strength of your menstrual bleeding (about 2-4 hours on the heavier days, about 4-6 hours on the lighter days). You should change the soft-tampon immediately after having sex or swimming to prevent infection. In any case, the wearing time should not be longer than 8 hours. Please always remember to remove the last soft-tampon before inserting a new soft-tampon as well as at the end of your period.

Can I use the same soft-tampon more than once?

No, we strongly advise against it. Due to the tiny pores on the surface structure, it is hardly possible to clean the used soft-tampon sufficiently. Repeated use of the same soft-tampon can therefore lead to infections.

Do soft-tampons by nevernot have a contraceptive effect?

No. Our soft-tampons do not protect against unwanted pregnancy! Please note that you can also become pregnant while you are on your period. Likewise, our soft-tampons do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases! We always recommend the use of condoms, which you can safely use with our soft-tampon.

I wear an IUD (or similar) for contraception. Can I use the soft-tampons from nevernot?

Yes! In general, our soft-tampons can be used very well together with a hormonal IUD, a copper IUD, a copper ball, or similar products. If you have had your IUD inserted in the last six months or have any other concerns, we recommend that you discuss this with your gynecologist beforehand.

Why is there only one size of soft-tampons by nevernot?

Our soft-tampons are made of a particularly soft and flexible material that adapts perfectly to your body. Even if the soft-tampon seems large to you at first, you can easily squeeze it with your fingers while inserting. In your body, it then nestles perfectly against your vagina, follows every movement, and stays tight without you or anyone else noticing.

nevernot Smoothie:
• Tiger grass: Stimulates collagen formation for better skin regeneration and wound healing. Counteracts scarring and stimulates cell growth.
• Jojoba oil: Anti-inflammatory, nourishing and relaxing. Antibacterial and antiallergenic. Great for all skin types.
• Vitamin E: For more moisture and increased skin resistance. Anti-inflammatory, nourishing and smoothing.
*from organic farming

nevernot tampon 2.0:
Soft-Tampon made of Polyurethane foam, certified by OEKOTEX® Standard 100
The optional string is made of 100% organic cotton
Our outer packaging is made of biodegradable and recycled materials and printed with biodegradable ink

nevernot Quickies (intimate wipes):

The Smoothie

Good bye, sore thighs

Who doesn't know it? As soon as we start sweating just a little, we rub our thighs or arms sore. The smoothie ends this.

100% natural origin. Vegan & made from organic raw materials. Free of artificial fragrances. Cruelty-free. Fairly produced in Berlin.

The Quickies intimate wipes

For On-The-Go

Need to go fast? Reach for the Intimate Wipes for a quick wash - if you want.

nevernot Team Tipp: An unplanned ONS is coming up and you have your period? Go for it - whether natural or with soft tampon and Intimate Wipes. Do what you want!

The nevernot Tampon

Soft like a cloud

You have trouble with cups, cotton tampons or pads? With soft tampons this has finally come to an end:

so soft you will never feel it. With the unique cloud shape, for even easier removal. 100% free from harmful substances.

Your experiences

...with the Summer Saver Kit

I always have problems with chafed thighs in the summer - thanks to the smoothie no more!

Selina, 22

So brilliant: No more problems with sports bras and sandals. I love it!

Anja, 38

Love the soft-tampons, they give me an all-round good feeling. Finally, no more dry feeling and no more pain from cotton tampons!



The wearing comfort is incomparable! I tested the soft-tampons for the first time and am thrilled. My partner didn't notice it at all.


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