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Stier Saison 2022 - Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope – Taurus Season

It’s Taurus Season and that means, it’s time for some good good lovin’.

Spring is evolving steadily while slowly getting closer and closer to summer. The plants begin to bear fruit, symbolizing enjoyment. The wild spring feelings slowly fade away, making room for a calmer more contemplative time which brings plenty of room for enjoyment, romance, and good music.

It’s the season of the wild Taurus, even though he is actually not that wild. 

Taureans are deeply romantic and extremely, almost exceptionally loyal. They are all about harmony and concerned with a beautiful home where everyone feels comfortable - furthermore the excellent hosting qualities must be mentioned at this point. With his carefully chosen circle, the Taurus shares his ability to enjoy. 

As important as it is for a Taurus to enjoy a good life, it is equally important to share it with the right partner. 

Taureans are sexually speaking ‘straightforward’ and ‘down-to-earth’. Instead of messing around, babbling or fantasizing they rather get straight to business. Music is their love language, so make a special playlist if you want to win over a Taurus. Those babes are all about sensuality: hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and of course seeing. 

What are Taureans looking for? Peace, pleasure, and security. That is why their pleasure from quick, meaningless sex is equal to zero. They want to experience pleasure-time with all their senses. For example, a date could start with a nice relaxed dinner – a glass of champagne should not be missing to toast to the following evening. Taureans want to be seduced slowly – and maybe you can sip the next champagne from their belly button. 

In this spirit, 

get the bottle poppin’ 



Sexy-time-wise this is gonna be YOUR MONTH! Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and intimacy moves into your sign on May 3rd. This will be magnetic, magical and above all hot hot hot. Are you ready for a shaking spring flirt? If not: better get ready baby, ‘cause mars is moving in your sign in the last week of May. In this time, the uninhibited, rather masculin lust from the planet of battle joins the sensuality. 


First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAURUS BABE. All eyes are on you this month, you glow, you shine, you sparkle. Feel and enjoy your juiciness to the fullest! Intimacy starts with self love. How much time can you spend with yourself? How much sensitive love do you give yourself? Start with 40 minutes of self love: touching, squeezing, gently rubbing your own body. But mind the genitals! Give yourself a sensual journey without focusing on orgasms.


This month Jupiter, the planet of happiness and expansion, awards you with the best feeling in the world: being in love. Keep your eyes open for prince and princess charming, even if it is not for eternity. Right now, it is more about the moment. You are head over heals, enjoy the feeling - including sexy bedroom time. 


This month, the Cancer-signs in this world are rather feeling like retreating into their shell until all the spring fever nonesens stops again. So be it. Whatever you want or feel like doing this month, go after it. In your private space, you have the most time and leisure for a little self love anyways. 


ATTENTION! This is going to be one of the hottest months for you this year: hot with yourself, hot with your partner, hot with flirts, hot with strangers. No matter your relationship status, happiness will find you and shower you with ecstatic encounters between the sheets. 


Divine Venus, the planet of love, relaxes a bit over you Virgos this month. Energy shift! Like no other month this year, it is the perfect time for you to attack in your professional life. The time is now, the time is here. Lovey-dovey-time will be back by the end of May. But for now, your Boss-Babe-Mode is activated. The universe got your back.

Libra: B*I*G

Love is BIG this month. Cosmically speaking, there is nothing standing in the way of love. Existing relationships are gifted with an erotic fire, while singles can expect sexy adventures to come their way - but careful - even with an innocent pleasure ride complications can arise quickly. 


Whew, Mars is shining on you this season. That means: all relationships that are exposed to a little distance, will thrive and have the possibility to develop in any sexy direction. Anything too close kills your lust. Scorpios need air to breathe. 

Sagittarius: THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE 

Sagittarius you really are on FIRE! The Cosmos has your back and provides you with options over options for highly erotic adventures. This naturally puts long term relationships to the test. If it will be possible for you to say ‘no’ to that much burning energy… we’ll see. And if the unknown tempts you too much, be assured it’s gonna be worth it. 


Not the easiest month. You’ve developed strongly in the past few months, so naturally your expectations have grown. This can sometimes make it difficult for you to engage in mindless flirtations. But maybe that is exactly what you need right now. Quit the mind and just go with the body. You deserve that!


Big girl Venus takes a cosmic stance that will tickle your hormones. What a feeling. Go for it, try everything, be free, be brave, and leave your shame at home. You have sensational chances for orgasmic highs and emotional lows this month. Go for it. Not only you, but everything you encounter this month will benefit from your openness. 


The planets and stars promise a good portion of eroticism and excitement for the Pisces this month. The desire awakens and pulls the passion along. But because Venus retreated a bit, it is not easy to satisfy you at the moment. Cosmic hint: take it playful and easy, this will bring more lightness. 

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