Meet Your Cosmic ID – deine neue Anlaufstelle für Sextrology

Hello, my name is Isabelle and I'm not only the "Butt" in the nevernot campaign, I'm also your sextrologist from today.

From the magical island of Ibiza, I will be informing the nevernot community every month about the current transits of the planets and stars in order to enlighten you as best as possible about erotic constellations and opportunities.

But how?

The word astrology comes from the Greek and means astronomy. It is basically the art of reading stars. Just as we learned to read and write, the language of the stars can also be learned. The astrology we use today dates back to 500 BC. Christ came into being - my path to astrology began about 2500 years later:

When I was almost in my mid-20s, a friend sent me to her astrologer, who prophesied to me at the time that an enormous love and erotic constellation would come my way in May of the following year. Since I was certain that I would be happy in my current relationship, I didn't want to hear his prophecy at the time. Looking back, I can say he was right. In May 2014 my now husband came into my life with great attraction. A few years later, another friend gave us birth charts for our sons. While we were listening to these together, it was all over me. How could a person who didn't know any of us see the psychology of our children so precisely and make it even easier for me to understand. It was clear to me: I have to learn this art! I read and studied on my own for many days and nights until I decided to start a professional training in "psychological astrology". Here, at my very rapid pace – I am Sagittarius with both the ascendant and the moon in Aries, i.e. fire through and through – the entire basics of this complex subject area were brought to my attention.

To date, I have been able to advise many people not only privately, but also entire businesses, astrologically and through readings. I speak at events about the art of reading stars and give predictions about future trends. I also write both monthly columns and annual horoscopes for magazines and companies. Now I am happy about the cooperation with nevernot with the focus on eroticism, which is extremely important for me.

nevernot duft-und-massagekerze isi favourite

For me, this part is essential because I am dissatisfied with the sexual education of our generation. Little is educated about sex other than birth control. Hardly anything was brought closer to us about the different approaches to pleasure, the whole topic is socially hushed up with a lot of shame and it never gets the status that is actually so urgently needed. Young girls in particular need the chance to learn how to deal with their individual bodies in a healthy and pleasurable way.

For this reason too, I am grateful to Anna and Katha from nevernot for the work they do in this area. It's an honor to have been a fan and supporter of these two founders from day one. Be it at the very first nevernot event, where it was still a matter of finding a name and deciding on the color world, or the first photo campaign, for which I gladly gave my “ass”. It fills me with pride to be a part of this family that stands for modern enlightenment and against any kind of 'shaming'.

I am convinced that sexuality is a profound tool for a fulfilled and balanced life.

The moment you are able to express yourself freely and shamelessly in bed, alone, with a partner or even with several, you will experience how it feels in the power of your own magic Ascending As soon as you manage to do this, you will witness exactly how this magic will affect all areas of your life and 'step by step' everything will grow together into a better, authentic whole.

Every woman* has her own special qualities and characteristics.

I am passionate about the approach of supporting people and especially women in bringing them closer to their abilities, opportunities and challenges in life. Everyone has a diverse range of options. I want to filter them out together with you in order to be able to support you as best as possible in the fulfillment of your very individual mission.

We all have this one mission of our own. It is mine to bring you back into your power with the aim of being able to live a happy, balanced, meaningful life. Let's tackle it together "and let's create the change we do not only want to see within ouselves, but in the whole wide world."

It was not least through astrology that I found my way to authentic, conscious access to myself and to the things that honestly nourish me.

Living by the sea allows me to dance under the stars, swim naked, and enjoy a healthy, exciting, yet comforting life with my self-made family.

If you like, become a part of my story and I will support you as much as possible in writing your own.

I'm really looking forward to everything that's to come and I'm always available for your questions.

Let's get some good good lovin' on, super babes!

Love and light,

Your Cosmic ID - Isabelle Dekeyser

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