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Terms of delivery

Your delivery should usually arrive within 2-3 working days. Since the delivery services can sometimes take a bit longer, we reserve the right to deliver within 10 working days after order confirmation.

However, you have to expect longer delivery times if

  1. the product description indicates a different delivery time, or
  2. you choose a different delivery time, or
  3. your delivery address is outside of Germany.

We will inform you immediately if delivery delays occur. If there is a permanent obstacle to delivery, in particular force majeure or non-delivery by one of our own suppliers, we have the right to withdraw from a contract with you. Of course we would inform you immediately and refund your payments.

The exact shipping costs for your order will be displayed during the payment process and depend on the type and size of your order. Depending on this, shipping within Germany is between €0.95 and €4,90. Shipping costs to the EU are between €1.50 and €7,50. If you order from Switzerland, shipping will cost you €16.90, but we will take care of customs clearance and taxation for you.
You can now place orders from the United Kingdom. However, due to the Brexit, our shipping service provider currently does not offer a solution to handle customs fees and associated taxes in the shipping process. Please be aware that when ordering from the United Kingdom, there may be additional costs upon receiving your order. The general shipping cost, excluding customs and taxes, is €16.90.

On one hand, our shipping costs result from the packaging material and on the other hand from the costs of our shipping service provider. Unlike other companies, we also do not calculate our shipping costs in the sales prices but give them separately. Of course, we always try to pack as efficiently as possible and to find the cheapest shipping option for you. Therefore, we are already working on optimizing our packaging in order to be able to further reduce shipping costs for you in the future.

*All shipping costs mentioned refer to the standard prices of the shipping service companies and may vary due to promotions.