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nevernot Intimate Gels - lube 2.0

Soothing moisture for your intimate area.
Whether on a date, alone, as a couple or with your toys - the nevernot Intimate Gels are bullshit-free and have a neutral taste. Ideal for dryness in the intimate area.

• Blue - Water-based Intimate Gel
• Pink - Silicone-based Intimate Gel
• Green - CBD-infused Intimate Gel

Known from

nevernot Soft-tampon – the Gamechanger

In November 2020, nevernot went online, since then the nevernot soft-tampon convinced thousands of menstruating peaople because it is the allrounder Sex, Sport, Spa & Chill. #dowhatyouwant

I have never found a menstrual cup that fit me. I am super thankful that I finally discovered nevernot soft-tampons!
— Seville, 32, Berlin
Nevernot soft-tampons are just awesome for dancers and people who are super horny during their period.
— Anja, 23, Leipzig
Ich leide unter furchtbaren Krämpfen und Schmerzen während meiner Periode. Da gehen nur Softtampons. Danke nevernot.
— Tanja, 38

Sexuality is human. Sexuality is diverse. nevernot ist deine go-to Brand für Intimate Wellness. #dowhatyouwant

There is only one rule in sex - everyone who has it must do it voluntarily!

#dowhatyouwant #nevernot

Anna & Katha, nevernot founders

Sex continues beyond the bedroom!

"The handling of sex and intimacy still must become more relaxed. We develop products that are good for your soul, your body and your sex life. The stigmatization of our sexuality must finally come to an end. Intimate wellness should be part of our everyday life - like washing our hair. "