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Our motto is now even easier to implement with the quickies. Do you want to freshen up super quickly before, during or after your date? You prefer to take your time and jump into the shower? Do you prefer it natural? We give you the option, you decide!

The intimate wipes are ideal when you need a quick fix and for on the go.

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2022: The most exciting sex trends

From ethical porn to games involving ginger and sex in space - we've picked out 10 and a half of the latest and most exciting sex trends for you.

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The nevernot soft-tampon – The game-changer

nevernot launched in November 2020. Since then, the nevernot soft-tampon has convinced thousands of people. Your all-rounder for sex, sport, and spa. #dowhatyouwant

I've never found a menstrual cup that fits me. That's why I'm super grateful to have finally discovered the nevernot soft-tampon!
— Seville, 32, Berlin
nevernot soft-tampons are just awesome for dancers and people who are super horny during their period.
— Anja, 23, Leipzig
I suffer from terrible cramps and pain during my period. Only soft-tampons work for me. Thank you nevernot.
— Tanja, 38

Sexuality is human. Sexuality is diverse. nevernot is your go-to brand for intimate wellness. #dowhatyouwant

There's only one rule about sex - everyone who has it must do it voluntarily!

#dowhatyouwant #nevernot

Anna & Katha, founders of nevernot

Sex doesn't stop in the bedroom!

"Dealing with sex and intimacy must become even more relaxed. We develop products that are good for the soul, body and sex life. The stigmatization of our sexuality must finally come to an end. Intimate wellness should be part of our everyday life, like washing hair."

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