‘‘do what you want" – according to this motto, we started nevernot with the soft-tampon launch in 2020. Ever since, our first product has been received greatly by our customers. Sex, sport, spa & chill: everything is possible – if you want! The soft-tampon does not only help to feel more comfortable and free, but also with endometriosis and period pain.

Even though our story is often labeled as a “female founder”-narrative, we want to make products that are for everyone. The nevernot soft-tampon is for every person who menstruates. This is why we are especially happy about our upcoming product launches for 2021: Amongst others, there will be a lube-collection, which is vegan, organic and fairly produced – products for ‘people who love to make love’.

While most commercial brands are busy breaking taboos, that have long ceased to be polarising, we want to take a step further by integrating intimate health into our well-being routines. Yoga, meditation, me-time, masturbation, and sex. It’s about getting closer to your body and sexuality – whether you are sexually active or not. Sex, pleasure and body-acceptance as self-care!

Our products are aesthetic, modern, and sex-positive: They are not supposed to be hidden in your bedsidetable or passed on under the table. We make products, addressed to all genders, serving real needs, and which are that well designed, that they remind us of candy and high-quality cosmetic products.

The game-changer

nevernot soft-tampon

It all started with the nevernot soft-tampon, the heart of nevernot. The all-rounder for your menstruation.

Sex, sport, spa & chill - everything is possible, if you want. #dowhatyouwant

Anna Kössel & Katharina Trebitsch, nevernot founders

"Intimate wellness products must finally be given the same importance and quality standards as anti-aging products, decorative cosmetics and hair care!"

Female Founded, but...

...for everyones who loves to make love.

In recent years, sex toys have been successfully removed from taboos and the platforms on which they can be bought have been redesigned. But sex doesn't stop in the bedroom, it accompanies us in everyday life. If I'm at peace with my sexuality, this transfers to all areas of life. We develop products that support us and you in this.

Investor Voices:
"With Emma I have built the largest European mattress brand within a few years, I am investing in nevernot so that they have the opportunity to do the same for the intimate wellness industry."
— Manuel Müller, Founder and CEO Emma Mattresses
"I see a lot of potential in nevernot. The brand positions itself as a self-care brand and thus reinterprets the Intimate Wellness market. (...) I'm looking forward to actively supporting the two founders to conquer the market in the future."
— Michala Rudorfer, CEO & Founder Rosesky Investments
"Katharina Trebitsch and Anna Kössel will revolutionize the market – they both do not only bring the know-how, but above all the passion to the table in order to sustainably shape the intimate wellness market. Together with Carolin, Laura and Charlotte, I would like to set an example: the more female investors there are, the more female founders there will be!”
— Tijen Onaran - Bestselling Author, Founder GDW, Investor