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Sport während der Periode

exercising during period

nevernot stands for "do what you want". Generally in life but also regarding the  relation to your menstrual cycle given that exercising during your period is or can be good for you.
For those who like to try it out we put together some useful tips from the Loona Gym professionals. Especially helpful for your menstruation.

You will also find a download link to the e-book "Your Work out, Your Cycle". Have fun trying it out - if you want! #dowhatyouwant

Stomach cramps, nausea, bad mood swings - most of us know these symptoms.  We feel weak quite often during our period.

Unfortunately the subject of menstruation is still a no-go in public. However, we think it is important to deal openly with the topic to enlighten other women and to support each other.

Our menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days from the beginning of the period to the end. Of course, not each day will feel like the one before. Some days we're full of energy and nothing gets us down while others hit us hard and pretty badly.

Due to the fluctuating concentration within the cycle of female hormones, especially talking about estrogen and progestin, our physical performance also changes.

Did you know that the hormone balance determines our metabolism, the cardiovascular system, endurance, respiration, body weight and body temperature as well as our psyche?

Due to this reason it is important to listen to our body's signals and do not work against them. Especially in sport.

"If you also take your hormonal situation into account during training, you can train in a more targeted way and also see success faster," says Daniel Knebel, personal trainer and hormone expert.

In order to achieve faster success, we should use our hormonal fluctuations to our advantage and follow a different workout plan every cycle week. It also makes sense to adjust the workout if you have menstrual cramps.

When the hormones estradiol and progesterone are particularly low our period will begin. During this time we feel low very often and also experience a significant loss of energy as well as mood swings and abdominal pain. However, we sometimes feel the need to move our body a little. Physical and mental ailments can often be alleviated as a result.

Have you ever tried gentle yoga exercises, stretching or a light full-body workout during your period? These types of workouts are the best companions. However, we should better avoid hard trainings and intensive workouts during this particular time. This can also mess up our hormonal balance. The hormone estradiol, which protects us from muscle injuries, is only available to a limited extent in this phase.

You can also carry out the following workout without hesitation during your next period - provided you have enough strength and desire for an energizing sport work. Whether you're training to get stronger, shed a few quarantine pounds,  tone up your body or just for the better  feeling better after a tough workout, the following exercises will boost your endorphin release and bring back your good mood. Have fun!

Mood Booster - Workout

  1. Strappy Jumping Jacks
  2. Plank Stand Lift
  3. Crossover Kickback
  4. Glute Bridge Abduction
  5. Shaping push ups

When it comes to the topic of sport, most of us probably think of abs, legs and buttocks exercises, right? There is one muscle though that is forgotten way too often but is extremely important.

We're talking about the pelvic floor - a muscle group that we usually don't specifically train.

The pelvic floor has many important functions. Strong pelvic floor muscles prevent incontinence, improve posture AND can improve our menstrual cramps.

With exercises that stress the pelvic floor, we promote blood circulation which can have a positive effect especially during our period.

In order to actively let go and be able to perceive yourself it is extremely important to pay enough attention to your own body. By localizing the pain we can try to directly address the affected muscle groups and relax the body.

The following exercises are ideal for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

  1. Bridge

Lie on your back and place your feet hip-width apart. Now tighten your pelvic floor and lift your buttocks so that your thighs and upper body are in one line. Hold this position for about 10 seconds before lowering your body back down. You can repeat this exercise 10 times.

  1. Bicycle

For the next exercise you can remain lying on your back. Stretch both legs up at a 90 degree angle. Now you can tense the pelvic floor and move your legs in the air as if you would cycling. Do this exercise 3 x 30 seconds. Breaks are allowed in between. :)

  1. Lateral Leg Lift

For the third exercise, please lie on your side. You can use your arm to support your head.Place your legs and feet on top of each other, tighten your pelvic floor and move your upper knee up as you exhale. The feet remain on top of each other. If you prefer something more challenging, you can also raise your pelvis.

Would you like a more detailed description of the Mood Booster Workout exercises? No problem. In the Loona Gym e-book “Your workout. Your cycle" there are detailed instructions plus explanatory pictures. In addition, you will find more information about your cycle and advice on how to keep fit during your period.


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