nevernot Soft tampon


It's that easy!

Our Advice

This is how to remove your nevernot soft tampon

1. Come into a deep wide-legged squat. This will make your pelvis tilt forward, the soft tampon will be pushed further down and you will be able to grab it more easily.

2. The soft tampon is removed easiest when it's fully soaked. You can therefore use a normal shower head between your legs or take a relaxed bath.

Your advantage

What are the benefits of nevernot soft tampons?

Tampon strings are comparable to a tag hanging out from your t-shirt - it's annoying but will usually irritate you more than others.

You want to...
...not feel your period product at all?
...not have to change your sheets after sex or put a towel underneath?
...get a Brazilian waxing?
...enjoy your vacation without a tampon string distracting from your beach look?
...relax at a spa or sauna in order to get rid of period cramps?

All of that and more is possible with nevernot soft tampons. #dowhatyouwant

Discover nevernot soft tampons

Most menstrual products are even more irritating than your period itself. Soft tampons finally put an end to this! Give it a try!