What they do and how they work

nevernot soft-tampons

Soft-tampons look very different from cotton tampons.
They are larger, softer and do not require a retrieval string. Here are their advantages:

• nevernot soft-tampons are 100% free from harmful substances – the same material is used in the manufacture of baby toys!
• You can use soft-tampons during sex
• Many menstruating people suffer from severe period pain, organ prolapse, or endometriosis and cannot use cotton tampons or cups – soft-tampons, however, they can use
• You never see or feel the soft-tampon
• Many athletes or menstruating people who want to exercise during their period are big fans of the nevernot soft-tampons
• Our customers tell us that they suffer less from vaginal dryness since using the nevernot soft-tampons

How to remove your soft-tampon even easier

Our tips & tricks

First of all: You cannot lose soft-tampons in your body because they are placed directly in front of your cervix, which is smaller than the head of a pin.

1) Don't panic! Always keep in mind that you cannot lose a soft-tampon in your body. Your physiology makes it impossible. What's important is what's happening in your head and if you cramp up, it becomes more difficult

2) Squat down. This way your vaginal canal shortens and you can remove the soft-tampon much easier

3) Make it wet! If you have trouble removing the soft-tampons, water might help. With the shower head between your legs, the soft-tampon is soaked with water. This makes it bigger and easier to grab

4) Pay attention to the shape! As described above, only the nevernot soft-tampon has the cloud shape, which makes it easier for you to remove and grab the soft-tampon

P.S.: Soft-tampons in combination with a spiral are no problem, we talked to our gynecologist about it and tested it ourselves.

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