Your individual soft tampon subscription

Save another 20% and shipping costs with a subscription

Your period comes regularly - why not your soft tampons too?


1 ) You can order all soft tampon packs as a subscription (6 to 48 pieces), decide on a size.

2) Then decide in which rhythm, we will do it for you may send your Soft-Tampons. (monthly, every two months, every three months)

3) You can always pause your subscription if it doesn't suit you.

4) Always save shipping costs with the code WIRKOMMEN.

If you have any questions, please write to us at, you only make a commitment for two deliveries.

That's what our subscription customers say
I love your soft tampons, absolutely relaxed delivery, cheaper and much easier to remove than the ones I've had before. ☁️❤️
— Lina, 24, Chemnitz
In our lesbian relationship, periods are doubly annoying in bed. The subscription makes our (sex) life much more relaxed.
— Janna, 34, Augsburg