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Teil 1 – What’s cool in Sex: What to watch & read rightnow

Part 1 - What's cool in sex: What to watch & read right now

Porn, Movies, Tutorials, Books and Magazins, you name it: we selected the most interesting platforms and the coolest titles about sex for you: old to new, informative to sexy, comfy to mind-blowing.


1. New Porn: Very few conventional porn platforms show realistic storylines, work with fairly paid performers and pay attention to transparency and diversity. However, Cheex, Lustery, Bellessa Boutique and XConfessions do exactly that: They rely on alternatives to the commercial and non-emancipated porn industry.

2. On the OMGYes platform you will find series, reports and tutorials that will help you rediscover lust. The material was created on the basis of 3000 in-depth interviews, 15000 study participations and scientific findings on the topic of "female pleasure". What do you get? Very specific physical and mental techniques that work in real life.

3. Of course, we also scanned the most popular streaming services for formats about sex. We love a wide variety of things on Netflix - from the Coming Off Age series to the interior show to the sex work documentary: Sex Education, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, Rocco, Easy, The principles of pleasure, Explained:Sex, and How to build a sex room.

4. British comedy, French musical thriller and American history await us on Amazon Prime Video: Fleabag, Climax and Masters of Sex.

5. If you subscribe Sky Ticket (, you can look forward to some extremely good feature film series: LGBTQIA+ drama, neighborhood story and Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll: I may destroy you (trigger warning: rape) , Euphoria, Girls and Vinyl. 


1. FAQ-YOU is a Sex Ed platform for teenagers and young adults who want to discover themselves and their sexuality. However, the articles in the online magazine appeal to almost all target groups, because most of us never received real sex education lessons in school and we can sometimes use a little update, even with the basics. On FAQ-YOU everything is discussed, from the most banal questions to socially explosive topics. For example: How can I be Ally? Is my penis normal? Why sexual identity has nothing to do with sex.

2. Spectrum Journal: If you're in the mood for a "deep dive", you should definitely check out the online magazine from the sex toy store Spectrum. We’re getting explicit: From toy reviews to fetishizations to “Anal Sex for Fatties”.

3. Hot Topic issue: We are huge fans of the Leipzig erotic magazine Hot Topic in the form of a dime novel. Not only the hearts of our art directors beat faster, but also the pulse of our libido. Stylish short stories which will get you going.

4. Sex journalist Tracy Clark-Flory knows it all: inside porn sets, erotic retreats, and call girl rooms. In Want Me, she explores her own expectations of sex, desire, male sexuality, and most importantly, how it all goes together or gets in the way of one another.

5. Blinkist List: Challenging Sexual Taboos. If you have an account or want to try Blinkist, you can start right away with this list of sex taboos. Blinkist brings you the key points from the most exciting non-fiction books in 15-minute short versions and curates books based on your interests, just like in this list: 6 books that break with suppressing ideas about sex and sexuality and place them in history.

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