Wo kann ich Soft-Tampons kaufen? Rossmann, Dm & Co.

Buying soft-tampons in retail stores is not that easy. Since menstrual sponges have been on the market since the 1970s, but until now they have been used almost exclusively in professional sports or by sex workers, they could almost only be purchased in sex stores or pharmacies.

This is now slowly changing: some drugstore chains, such as Rossmann, have soft-tampons in their range. Still, soft-tampons are much more expensive in retail stores than if you buy them online. Prices vary greatly depending on where you buy them. Soft-tampons cost up to 3.50 euros each if you buy them in retail stores.

You can save a lot of money if you buy them directly in the store or even get yourself a soft-tampon subscription. nevernot offers soft-tampons on a subscription basis as well. 

Most soft-tampon brands have their own online store just like nevernot. When you order soft-tampons here, you learn a lot about the product and the brand and you don't have to support giants like Amazon.

If you want to buy nevernot soft-tampons in a store, you can already do that in Hamburg at B-Lage. The small, charming store with great products from the areas of lifestyle, beauty and fashion sells nevernot soft-tampons.