Soft-Tampons entfernen - so gehts ganz leicht!

Softtampons look very different from cotton tampons. They are larger, softer and come without thread. That's why the first question softtampon-newbies often ask is: How can I remove my softtampon?

The good news first
Although the nevernot soft tampon has no thread, you can not lose it in your body!.

Why? It can't slide higher than to your cervix and that's smaller than a pinhead – unless you're giving birth. And at that moment you usually don't need period products anymore...

But how do I remove a softtampon?
With your hands. Just like a menstrual cup or even a cotton tampon, you can easily remove it with your fingers. Practice makes perfect - problems with removing a soft tampon usually only occur after sexual intercourse.
Therefore, we recommend that you do not use it for sexual intercourse during your first few uses, so that you can get used to removing the softtampon.

Shape matters! nevernot softtampons are easier to remove than conventional softtampons.

Soft tampons have been around since the 70s, but we don't know of any brand that has touched the functionality of the product since then. For decades they have been round or triangular. We don't think that's right and asked ourselves the question: How can softtampons finally be removed more easily?

Many forms, many tests, testers and some periods later, we have found the softtampon shape with which the removal is much easier:

Our unique cloud shape. In the whole world, only the nevernot softtampon has this shape.

But what makes them so special and why can I remove the softtampon so easily? We want to be honest:
If the tampon moves, you may not be able to find the retraction flap (Almost all softtampons have these).
Because of the indentations that only the nevernot softtampon has, you can grip it much easier than other softtampons:
Should it ever spin, it's not a problem. Because it has the grip. And the grip offers you the possibility to grasp and remove the softtampon - no matter in which position - more easily.

If it should become more difficult despite everything, you can come back to the advice of professionals

Athletes and sex workers have been using softtampons since the 1970s, and if anyone knows, it's them.

That's why we're going to tell you a few tricks for removing softtampons that you probably haven't read before:

    1. Don't panic! Always keep in mind, you cannot lose a softtampon in your body. Your physiology makes it impossible. But your head plays a role and if you cannot relax, it might get a little bit tricky.
    2. Get into a squad position. This way, your vaginal canal shortens and you can remove the soft tampon more easily.
    3. Make it wet! If you have trouble removing it, water will help. With the shower head between your legs, the softtampon will soak up water. This makes it bigger and easier to grab.
    4. Menstrual Cup Many customers tell us that they can easily remove their softtampons with the help of a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups have a vacuum, when you insert and remove them, the pressure is released and the tampon is placed in the cup.
    5. Pay attention to the shape! As described above, only the nevernot softtampon has the cloud shape, which makes it easier for you to remove and grab the softtampon.

Have fun trying it out!
Your nevernot Team