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Löwe Saison 2022 - Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope

After the highly emotional Cancer phase, we are now stepping into the fiery Leo. There is an extra dose of passion and self-confidence here. Leos like to be admired! That’s why serious compliments are particularly well received now, because they flatter us and confirm our Leo self-confidence. 

It is an optimistic and above all energetic time that awaits us in August. For lions, it can always be a little bit more. Of course, this also applies to his sexual desire. Long dry spells: hardly bearable for him. That's why he's always open to general affairs. The more, the merrier. Sex with a lion is intense, explosive, impulsive and certainly never boring. He doesn't need much for the excitement, no wild changes of position, toys or other gimmicks, he just has it deep inside him. He loves eroticism in every respect and it sees it as another stage to express himself. Extremely persistent, you can call him the master of pure lust. Particularly erogenous zones: back, chest and the wild mane. In addition, his ecstasy encourages his partner's admiration - through active expression during the act, through moans of pleasure or special movements that indicate that the boy/girl really likes it. 

Well, the time that lies ahead of us is highly erotic, full of desire and pleasure. Make the best of it, dear nevernot community! 

I look forward to reports on how things have gone for you. 

With this in mind 


Greetings from the magical island of Ibiza 


Contrary to the radiant sign of Leo, August is not about yelling about your own lust, with Venus in emotional Cancer, you now have the chance to let your feelings run free. Sensual lovemaking is on your to-do list. Delicate feathers over your skin let you rise to new levels of eroticism.


Power planet Mars, our warrior, Adonis, the dream of our sleepless nights, settles into your sign until August 20th. For all the Taurus Babes who definitely know how to enjoy, this cosmic event catapults you to maximum pleasure. Go after it and simply enjoy every form of sensuality. 

Gemini: UP TO YOU

Are you enjoying your Summer Flirt right now? Or has it become a bit more serious than originally planned? Ça ne fait rien, the important thing is that you don't put your needs in the background now. Listen carefully to yourself. What are you longing for? If you can't think of anything, then start with self-care by choosing the restaurant tonight and maybe you'll get a craving for a wine or two. 

Cancer: LOOK AT ME

After your birthday pampering, Venus would like to let you run through the summer a little longer - until August 11th - so attractively. She is giving you that extra sparkle. So get out tere and have a really good time. Pleasure on all levels. Culinary, luxury-wise and of course between the sheets. True to the lion, you will draw everyone's attention in August.


Happy Birthday Leo Babe. The king of the animal kingdom is also a bit the king of the Zodiac. It's time to be the center of attention! Are you longing for a change? How about a new hairstyle, don’t have to change your partner right away. If the tingling in bed is missing, why not try role-playing games. With your talent, you can make your partner feel like they end up in bed with a different star every day.


Our planets of communication, masculine energy, and our goddess of love, Mercury, Mars, and Venus fill your sensual bathtub to the brim with love, lust, and passion this month. Just be careful not to drown in it, enjoy the irrepressible passion to the fullest. Go into every option of sexy adventure - but not headlong - and feel the universal support when it comes to sensual awakening.


On August 12, Venus moves to a position that is extremely favorable for you. From her sweet spot, she watches you redefine yours. She wants to hear you moan with passion, she wants to smother you with tension. In a figurative sense, of course. If you want to be kind to her, then you better get ready for new adventures - unrelated to partnerships!

Scorpio: FLY AWAY

Where is all this radiance coming from? Well, from your midst, sexy Scorpio. The longing for the ultimate erotic fusion could be satisfied with an almost alarmingly high probability in the period from July 18th to August 12th. Are you ready to leave your ego behind and surrender fully to sexual transcendence? 

Sagittarius: FIRE – GO

Are you looking for love? Is it really love you're looking for, or is it affection? Ideally, the two come hand in hand anyway. This August they will definitely run straight forward into your arms. Be prepared for this fire of erotic purgatory so that it lightens you up rather than burning you.

Capricorn: FIREWORKS

Partnerships experience an absolute firework of emotions at the moment. Everything that felt a bit old and dusty comes alive again in August for juicy moments. Well, not completely by itself, of course. It needs you and Mr./Mrs. Right - at least for this specific night.


Pleasure in abundance could be your motto for August 2022, at least on a sexual level. You feel like a teenager who really wants to have your first experience, and by that I don't mean hanging out at the local liquor store longer in the evening. It's getting hot, goodbye clothes! Hot, wild and free and without limits.


The force is with you, Pisces Babe. Love planet Venus tickles your feelings awake in Cancer, energetic Mars in Taurus brings sensuality back into your life. These are exactly the right ingredients for a highly erotic summer month. If possible, plan a quick get-away with your loved ones. No holding back then.

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