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Wassermann Saison 2022 - Sextrology, dein erotisches Horoskop

Sextrology, your erotic horoscope – Aquarius Season

Our Cosmic ID has achieved two miracles this month: she gave birth to a child and still delivered the erotic horoscope for Aquarius season. Her commitment to astrology is evident not only in meeting her deadlines under extremely difficult conditions, but also in her choice of name for her son: Cosmo. We send lots of love and gratitude to Ibiza, to Isi, our Cosmic ID.

As always, you can find out what the stars have in store for you in the Aquarius season. Have fun reading your cosmic predictions: 

Aries: ON HOLD

Love, lust and passion come shorter than usual this month. Your longing for eroticism and tenderness seems to go into a kind of hibernation during these gloomy cold days. Blame it on Mars, Venus and Mercury in reason-driven Capricorn. Should you find yourself in a relationship, this dull time is a wonderfully cosmic test. If you continue to keep the fun going despite a lack of sexy support from the universe, your relationship is marriage material. For all you singles, enjoy the peace and prepare for March, and a big bang booooom. 


What a month, the stars are shining for you, Taurus. They literally beam at you. As planetary lovers, Venus and Mars date in Capricorn, casting a cosmic spotlight on Taurus. Jupiter, the lucky planet sprinkles you with stardust. This combo makes you irresistible in every way. Everything you've always wanted to try, you'd better try right away. No one can refuse you a favour this month. Got a naughty idea? Just put it out there, with this planetary situation nothing can go wrong - no matter how off it might seem.  


You know what you're into? What really gets you hot? Wonderful! But now it's time to be considerate and make room for the needs of others. Doesn't sound very appealing? You don't even know yet what sensational adventures await you when you give your counterpart free reign. Give up the control and enjoy a sensual ride through the erotic fantasies of your sexy match. All you need is a dose of courage and the endless wave of pleasure will carry you both into new spheres.


Last month, the feminine, beautiful Venus was directly opposite your sign, now masculine, strong, erotic Mars joins in. On the one hand, these two give you a lot of love (especially interesting for singles) and on the other hand, a big portion of hunger for everything passionate. This month, you will meet people who have exactly what you need, seek and want. Be very clear about what it is that your body (and soul) longs for and articulate these needs openly. This could be your most wicked month of 2022. 


Amorous adventures? Yes. Long-term things? Rather not. This month you play on the side of the innocuous act of love. Quantity is the motto. Those who try out a lot, can also learn a lot. Even if you find out that one or two things are too kinky. The one who does not dare, does not win. Your erotic fantasies are limitless at the moment. Live them out, live them out, live them out! Before the next drought comes along. 

Cosmic tip: Career-wise, everything is possible this month with you lions. 


You Virgos are known for having pretty high perfectionist standards for your sexy partners. Watch out that this attitude doesn't cause you to miss out on a hot dare or two. For Libras in relationships, a great harmonious time is ahead, but for singles to get on the libidinous train: Take the high expectations down a notch and dive into unknown wet waters at full speed. 

nevernot duft-und-massagekerze isi favourite


WOW! The Aquarius Sun benefits you. You sleep sensationally, are fit in the morning, work successfully and are able to enjoy quiet evenings in a relaxed way. Here you find the moments when everything is possible. Endless pleasure experiences, multiple orgasms or tantric ecstasies all need the same thing: lots of peace and time. And you got it, babe. With your cosmic conditions this month, the Olympus of pleasure is ready for you to climb.  


Good chances of running into Mister or Mrs. Right until February 20! Venus makes it possible in an auspicious position. Very likely you will meet this person in some work context. So keep your eyes wide open, singles. Scorpio couples revel in seventh heaven and please each other not only sexually on a very high level. Normally Scorpios like to look for the true depth, because that's where the most interesting things are hidden. This month, you enjoy the carefree energy that just drives you forward.

Sagittarius: TAKING OFF 

The two Eros planets Venus and Mars are playing hide and seek with the otherwise fiery Sagittarians this month. If you don't feel like playing these games, you'd better take care of yourself and discover the infinite lust potential in yourself. The learning for all Saggis in February is: Quivering orgasms do not require interpersonal meetings. At least not necessarily. Should something present itself, we won't say no, of course. But in general, it's important to catapult your own lust into ecstasy. 

Capricorn: LUCKY YOU   

"Happy belated birthday", shouts the universe and lets our two highly erotic planets Venus and Mars meet in your sign. It goes without saying that this will make for some very hot hours. You get the chance to fall in love and bring this fresh, unsullied energy into your sex life. In other words, the bells of romantic, wicked togetherness are ringing for you. Oh lucky you, capricorn babe.


We're gonna party like it's your birthday. Even though this year's 'big celebration' might not be as big as we'd like it to be, the focus is still on the solar return and not on any annoying relationship issues. It's your season, babe! Take what you want - regardless of the consequences. Birthdays only come once a year. 


Love is still on your side, precious Pisces babe. Should you be in a committed romantic love affair, the cosmos will provide you with erotic fun and joy. If you are still on the hunt, let me tell you: friendship can also turn into love. And love can lead to hours of pleasure and orgasmic moments. You go, gal.

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Isi Dekeyser, dein erotisches Horoskop. Sextrology.

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